Accuracy in Media

News broke last week that former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s national anthem protest was a primary reason behind the decline in NFL TV ratings last season. A J.D. Power poll found that 26% of viewers said that the anthem protest dissuaded them from watching NFL games.

However, the media pushed back against the headlines, claiming that a small percentage of a percentage actually cited that as their reason to turn off NFL games.

The Big Lead’s Jason Lisk (employed by USA Today) broke down the numbers in the poll and said that the media’s initial conclusions were flawed:

…it is more accurate to say that 3%–a small subset of respondents–said they watched fewer games because of anthem protests.

On the flip side, ProFootballTalk’s Mike Florio (employed by NBC) said the poll was flawed to start with, but ESPN misinterpreted it to protect themselves.

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  • Mike S.

    A lot of American men see hypocrisy in the NFL allowing Kaepernick’s banal and inane protest (imagine if he were protesting abortion or transgenders). We’ve also seen the NFL go pink (which is the new Red) every October to a ridiculous, nauseating extent and, again, many American men know this supposed breast-cancer research fundraising is way out of proportion to the research being done and to the number of cases because we know prostate cancer is more common than breast cancer and, of all cancer cases, lung cancer is most common.

    A lot of “pink” money is used illegally (that is, laundered) to support causes not associated with “the race for the cure,” including promotion of abortion, a large percentage of which occur in the African American communities. The funds raised also enable the lavish salaries for Susan G. Komen executives and directors. In addition, some of the funds raised support draconian domestic violence laws that encourage women to make false accusations against men and that destroy families.

    It’s sad to see the NFL kowtowing to a cause that also aids in the election of political candidates (mostly misogynistic women) and policies (mostly initiated by hostile feminists) that are detrimental to men and, in particular, that target male athletes, including the use of Soviet-style show trials. (Remember Kobe Bryant and the Colorado State football team, to mention just two? Or how about former U.S. Rep. Patricia Schroeder who laid waste to military men through the so-called Air Force Academy scandal and Tailhook before that?)

    Super Bowl halftime shows have become a modern version of the last days of the Roman Coliseum. At best, NFL executive have sold out the league’s prestige and decorum for ratings and ad revenues; at worst, NFL management are sinking to new lows or these same executives are letting lowlife players run the league now. Finally, the games have become too predictable except for the officiating, which is suspiciously erratic, and there are too many commercials.

  • sox83cubs84

    Starting with the NFL refusing to allow Rush Limbaugh to become a minority owner of the Rams, and continuing with the left-wing ass-smooching you speak of, from the Komen Foundation to the Crapernick showboating, I’ve boycotted the NFL financially for close to a decade. I watch a handful of games, but have not bought tickets, souvenirs, or memorabilia, and have made no contributions to league-sponsored charities in that time frame, and I consider it money well saved.

  • AndRebecca

    My entire family (I’m proud of my husband for doing so) quit watching football after the Janet Jackson partial striptease so many years ago- except I watched Beonce’s rear-end performance on you-tube when she did the nasty for the NFL half-time. So, no more for us.

  • Bill W

    I enjoyed NFL football but not enough to ignore Kaepernicks ignorant behavior. I have decided to continue my love of football with the NCAA which is on thin ice with its behavior. What makes these people think we will continue to accept their actions?