Accuracy in Media

President Donald Trump will fulfill a campaign pledge to donate his salary. His first quarter salary, $78,333, will go to the National Park Service. Was this praised by the media? No.

Instead, CNBC said it won’t help the park service. The Washingtonian said that this check is tax-deductible, which implies that it is self-serving (a fair point).

Still, it is another campaign promise fulfilled and it goes to historic national battlefields.

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  • @tedscott4

    Typical hypocrisy of the Far Left, they expect others to donate to charity, not themselves. When Trump or conservatives donate to charities, it is always going to be belittled.

  • satelliter

    Liberals have become so running scared of Trump and his America loving followers that they are beginning to act absolutely stupid with their fake, lying, juvenile approach to attempting top make him look really bad even when he does the RIGHT thing. Give it up liberals, even if you take him down, there is an endless supply of patriots who will step in and carry on his efforts to rebuild our country that was badly trashed by the lying, muslim, communist, wanna-be dictator before him. Don’t you watch the movies? good always wins over evil…that means you lose.

  • Gz7

    Everyday we see the hate and spitefullness of the left. Everyday.