Accuracy in Media

Last month 43 Catholic institutions across America joined together to defend the First Amendment and filed a total of 12 lawsuits against the Administration in order to protect the right to freedom of religion on behalf of all Americans.

This is the most significant religious lawsuit in U.S. history and Christian leaders all across America have joined in support of the Catholic institutions. This lawsuit is not a single action by a few “out of touch religious leaders,” as the liberal national media would like to portray it.

In addition to 12 various lawsuits against the mandate with a total of 43 plaintiffs from religious hospitals, colleges and universities, and dioceses, the U.S. Catholic Bishops are preparing for the largest campaign of civil disobedience since the 1960’s during the civil rights movement.

Despite the unprecedented and historic nature of this event, the media have largely ignored it. Bias by omission has been a repetitive theme among the liberal national media and this obvious showing of bias is almost as scary as the Obama administration’s battle against religious freedom.

The print media have buried it in the back pages of the newspapers. The Washington Post, USA Today, and New York Times hardly gave the story coverage, with a few paragraphs in the back of the first section. The TV networks also swept the lawsuit under the rug. NBC and ABC completely omitted the newsworthy suit impacting almost all Americans directly. NBC did find time to air a story on comedian Kristin Wiig leaving the show Saturday Night Live and on the death of Eugene Polley, the inventor of the remote control. CBS shared the news of the lawsuit with their audience for roughly 20 seconds.

If the lawsuit is mentioned in the media at all, it is framed as an issue of a woman’s right to contraception. Despite what the liberal national media may believe, the American people are smart enough to figure out the truth. This is an issue much larger than birth control; it is about the fundamental right of all Americans to religious freedom and all the First Amendment Rights.

The Catholic institutions filed the lawsuit due to new Obamacare regulations that force religious institutions to pay for coverage of anti-abortion drugs, regardless of the employers’ religious and moral objections. The new regulation mandating that all religious employers must provide health care insurance plans that include sterilizations and all Food and Drug Administration-approved contraceptives (including those that can induce abortions) is an attack on the Constitution itself and the constitutional rights of all Americans.

How can the liberal media ignore 12 different lawsuits being filed in federal courts that each charge the Administration with violating the Church’s First Amendment right? The silence is deafening and seems to be deliberate.

The liberal national media continue to show their bias by their lack of coverage of this historical event.


  • Bob Johnson

    Amazing..we find ourselves under assault by an Administration which is attempting to forever change our right to religious freedom and we’re subjected to the bleeting of gg.  No one really gives a “tinker’s damn” about your personal opinion gg, even with all caps to show us you are shouting.  Have anything in your life which defines you gg?… be concerned, because if religious institutions can be forced to act against their basic beliefs then all our rights, guaranteed by our founding documents, mean nothing when an oppressive Federal Government decides they are in the way.  Sit down and be quiet gg…the adults in the room need to stop this government

    Bob Johnson
    Bonsall CA

  • C. Roy

    gg is right. Us liberals know what’s best for everybody, even if we can’t spell!

  • Bob Johnson

    Come back to the centerline gg….this isn’t about your non-belief, it’s about what is waiting for us if we allow any politician to negate the Constitution.  Obviously you get up each morning hating religion…that’s your right…as long as someone isn’t able to take it away from you.  We stop/change the government on a regular basis’s called voting.  In 2008 we changed direction by electing Obama..hopefully in 2012 we’ll change direction again by electing Romney.  Your arguments are disjointed and you refuse to recognize the threat to us all.  Today it is religion, tomorrow it will be your beloved science.

    Bob Johnson
    Bonsall, CA 

  • JimG

    gg, have you ever considered that once Obamination can defeat the churches, he has done exactly what MUSLIMS want from non-believers….to force them into dhimnitude, subservience?  Lets face it, Barrack Hussein is not a Chjristian, his idea of a christian church is run by a racist black preacher who hates America, believes in the teachings of a pedophilic, communist “Uncle” Frank…earned his living as a street activist follow brother Saul…friends with all who bow at the alter of George Soros……..and what part of this monster didn’t you folks see coming?  The only difference between him and Hitler is that this is still 1930 and we have a chance….