Accuracy in Media

The liberal media is overwhelmingly in favor of the Democratic Party, where only 7% of journalists are registered Republicans. It is in their best interest to blast moderates, criticize conservatives and libertarians and to protect the Democratic Party.

How do we know this? AIM has documented countless examples over the years of pro-liberal and pro-Democratic Party coverage.

The more recent example is related to Hillary Clinton’s book tour, promoting her latest book on the 2016 election, “What Happened.” Although the media is covering the excerpts from publishers, which consist of griping and criticizing her critics, the media is missing out on pointing out the political implications of Clinton’s book tour.

Politico was the first media outlet to point out that Democratic strategists, surrogates and members who said that the book tour is going to hurt the brand of the party ahead of the 2018 midterm elections. One Clinton surrogate said, requesting anonymity, that they wished that Clinton would go away and get out of the public spotlight.

The Politico article pointed out that Clinton’s relitigation of her Election Day loss to Donald Trump is detrimental to projecting a forward-facing party, but her book tour harps on the same things that the public had heard about months after the election.

The liberal media needs to be more fair; that is all we ask for at AIM. It’s time that the liberal media talk more about the Democratic Party’s looming political problems heading into the 2018 midterm elections to cover both political parties equally.

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  • IHC

    Great article!
    I do wonder how it is that there is nobody on the left having the courage to tell her to get off the stage. Why is that so difficult? If the Clinton media had an ounce of integrity they would kind of help nudging are into the woods somewhere because it was them lying their rears off making her believe she was winning. They know for a fact that she never had a chance not even from the beginning.

  • samo war
  • Katie Ashford

    I think that clinton is damaging the Democratic party w/ this book tour. It is to me almost a case of ” here I am, I didn’t win, feel sorry for me ” then She comes up enough excuses to sink a battleship. I also think that clinton and wasserman-schulz are responsible for the Dem. party being in such bad shape right now. I will NO longer donate to the DNC. wasserman-schulz did her worst by trying to shove clinton down our throats when so many people didn’t want her as Pres. The dnc did it’s best to trash Bernie.

  • IHC

    Absolutely right! What is even more shocking to me outside the outlandish accusations she makes, the innuendos is the vitrio and bitterness of that woman. Listen between the lines is the rage directed at voters small and large daring, daring to reject her from taking her rightful place in the white house. It nearly borders of mental derangement!

  • Katie Ashford

    If she had been elected, we would be as afraid of her ( as we are w/ trump) losing her temper and pushing the button and starting a war. Its always been common knowledge that she has a vile temper. Also my parents retired to Ark. while her hubby was Gov. I heard some stories that showed that she could get really nasty. I’ll never forget when my brother asked dad if the people of Ark were happy that clinton was elected and dads response was ” Hell yeah, it got them out of the state.

  • IHC

    Yeah I have an inkling of the Clinton couple in Arkansas and none of it is good or favorable to them!
    This weeks tour by Hillary is the beginning of payback and revenge. Everyone that wronged her is on notice and she named many. It is now clear that her bitterness and anger is clear as well is the fact that since she didn’t get to go to the white house none of those who stood in her way like Sanders, Biden etc won’t be either. She lit the fuse and will burn the country down rather than let any enemies who stood in her way into the white house.
    Her political career is over, her campaign ended in rejection/loss but now the anti-campaign is under way! Payback!

  • libertybells2

    Well if anyone did, they risk becoming a “Seth Rich’ experience.

  • JQ Sinclair

    I would like to request my anonymity with this and hope that he would honor it. I can tell you for fact that the Clintons are definitely money focused. There are two states and do United States that have prisons are for profit Idaho being one of them. There are five prisons south of the capital city of Boise not too far out of town, that employee if you will be inmates at five cents per day of work. This presents a contract with anywhere from furniture companies to I’ll kinds of other things you can’t even imagine and are making big dollars on those contracts and paying nickel a day per person for work. This is not considered indentured servant today as it’s of their own volition. Well I think if I was inside with those things I want to do anything I could to get the hell out during the day too which is where I find the true character of the Clintons along with a few other politicians and people that have ownership in his presence or so call the management of them. That’s some serious crap to be taking advantage of somebody in a situation like that. I mean do you think it would be legitimate and Copas static if the state use the inmates in that manner shape or form? I’m sure they will be last explain to the court so fast they be tied down for years. But this is private so ………..and we’re talking about the Clintons. I’ll leave the rest up to you to figure out.

  • JQ Sinclair

    Please excuse my typos this is voice dictated because I’m unable to type.
    JQ Sinclair