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  • Tbear
  • Maggietish

    These far left zealots professors and obviously the administrators of these colleges and universities are using it as a bully pulpit to try to indoctrinate our children to their twisted way of thinking. The students are paying tuition not to be brain washed or bullied. If it were me, my kids will be pulled out of any school that had this type of vile bullying behavior. And too, all federal tax and local state and county tax money that goes to these colleges/universities should be stopped immediately. Why should the American taxpayers be paying any monies to these anti-American colleges/universities and their staffs. Wake up America we need to start speaking out and standing up and demanding the defunding of these colleges and universities immediately.

  • mioahu

    Online Learning will do for these scum institutions what online social media did to the establishment mainstream media : make it irrelevant, or far less relevant. Just another way our country will get rid of the grip the leftists have on us : education, media, entertainment … next step is entertainment, and we already see big propagandist movies (like Miss Sloane, anti gun movie) flop at the boxoffice. Hopefully people will get informed and stop watching the propaganda bullshit
    present in almost every movie