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Marco Rubio was on a roll at a rally and had the audience laughing.

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  • Esef Brewer

    Rubio is an embarrassment to himself and the GOP. In fact, Rubio is a bit of a sissy. Now Cruz, he’s a despicable liar, the biggest liar in the race now that Jeb has dropped out. Trump is standing tall

  • Steven Barrett

    C’mon, haven’t you figured it out, he wants to be our caudillo or new il duce. If he wins, how long do you think it’ll be before he rides up n’ down Pennsylvania Ave on a white stallion and address crowds on the WH’s South Lawn from the Truman balcony like Mussolini sans shirt?
    LOL, boy would I love to hear Harry Truman’s views about this year’s crop of GOP “leaders.” Probably not any different than the sentiments correctly expressed by Mexico’s former President Vincente Fox.