Accuracy in Media

Sam Brownback endorsed Marco Rubio for the GOP nomination, but it is Rubio’s first gubernatorial endorsement.

Photo by Gage Skidmore

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  • Steven Barrett

    Gov. Sam “What’s wrong with Kansas” Brownback who couldn’t seem to govern his way out of a wet paper bag with warm water running over it is backing Rubio? Brownback literally ran Kansas’ finances into the ground by applying austerity programs to such a miminalist’s dream level that the state couldn’t function. Mario, whatever you do, don’t take any long drives with this guy if he says he wants to save on oil, gas and anti-freeze. Check the tires, too.

  • AP Besser, Jr.

    Stridency from another closet Democrat who masquerades as a Republican! Another uninformed voter who does not understand block educational grants.