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Marco Rubio pointed out that Obama’s rhetoric is divisive and does not attack the real issue: Radical Islam.

Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio criticized Barack Obama on Wednesday for giving a speech at a mosque that focused on discrimination against Muslims.

“I’m tired of being divided against each other for political reasons like this president’s done,” Rubio, a senator from Florida, said at a town hall in New Hampshire. “Always pitting people against each other. Always.”

“Look at today: he gave a speech at a mosque. Oh, you know, basically implying that America is discriminating against Muslims. Of course there’s discrimination in America, of every kind. But the bigger issue is: radical Islam. And by the way, radical Islam poses a threat to Muslims themselves.”

Photo by Muhammad ??????

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  • sandra-paquette-

    When Obama real Birth-certificate and school grades are exposed, then it will make sense as to what he is really all about. One does not pay $ to keep those things locked up. This has been hidden from the public for good reasons. Personally from the beginning I never thought he was qualified, nor do I think he is a American I still think he is a Muslim out to destroy America within. It wasn’t hard to put that to-gether from the beginning. And they allowed this to go on to this this far. Can’t help but wonder who all is involved in keeping this enemy in the WH.

  • Bobbybooblay

    The voters, the American people, kept him in the WH. Man, have you been drinking the teapot kool-aide

  • sandra-paquette-

    Maybe it’s you who is in denial about Obama. People have finally caught on that there is something is wrong about him. This is not a normal president behaviour. Take your blinders off.

  • Steven Barrett

    Just a little into the final year of his second term, President Obama visits a Mosque for the first time. Righties, er the more prejudiced ones, go ballistic. BTW Sandra, I wonder how many members of that Mosque raised their hands and swore allegiance to this country, not only during Naturalization Ceremonies, but also when they signed up to serve in their newly adopted country’s armed forces? I wonder how many of them were wounded veterans, especially wounded during the past 15 years in our never ending war against not only terrorists, but the damn governments they had enough of that also happen to be funding these terrorists? And would you actually demonstrate the kind of contempt you’ve demonstrated for their new head of state, who happens to actually be a Christian, straight to their faces, especially include their mothers and fathers?
    I wasn’t privileged to serve in the military, though I did hail from a military family. My two elder brothers served in Vietnam and South Korea at the same time. And I’ve always had great respect for those who have and a special soft spot in my heart for their families who have borne a different kind of sacrifice, nevertheless. It matters now whether a soldier, sailor, airman or cop, firefighter, etc. is a Muslim, Jew or Christian: He or she who puts his or her life on the line for my freedom, safety and the privilege of being able to live in the greatest nation on earth all deserve all around respect.
    Do any of you disparagers of the Presidents faith, and his loyalty to our country ever stop to think that you’re contributing the lowering of our morale? Nobody expects the President’s critics to click their heels and give him mindless and unthinking false loyalty. But Sandra, you’ve gone way too far. After all, when you trash the President and the sincerity of his motives for visiting that Mosque, you are also diminishing not only his role as (elected) Commander-in-Chief, and the majority of your fellow American’s votes, but you are also trashing one of the most treasured rights so many men and women have given their lives to defend, protections clearly stated within the First Amendment. A lot of Muslims, your fellow citizens, have given their blood and lost their family’s greatest treasure, in the defense of this right; a right that also extends to Presidents as well as so many self-righteous bigots who’ve only seen fit to twist its meanings to suit their selfish narrow-minded purposes.
    I can’t recommend reading St. Crispin’s Day (aka, “Band of Brothers”) speech in Henry V, Act IV Scene iii 18–67, especially the final ten verses.

  • Poppy

    Would you like to name a few Mr Barret?

  • Steven Barrett

    I admittedly typed a long response so at best I can only reply asking who do you want me to name. But why bother, Rubio’s past tense. He’ll never recover this year at least from the thrashing he allowed Chris Christie to give hiim last night. Find another horse, Poppy. But save it for anybody but Cruz. He’s next to join the bench of has-been wannabe ideologues.