Accuracy in Media

In her op-ed, run at news outlets such as CNN, Massachusetts U.S. Senator Elizabeth “Liz” Warren criticized Trump’s Department of Education Secretary Betsy DeVos and vowed to make DeVos “accountable” for her actions.

First, DeVos was confirmed, so how can she be held accountable if she is an unelected cabinet official in the new administration?

Also, Warren was critical of DeVos’s appointees and criticized DeVos’s alleged lack of knowledge of the ins-and-outs of education policy.

What is the name of Warren’s anti-DeVos accountability mechanism? “DeVos Watch.”

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  • BobbyD

    Liarwatha is questioning someone’s background????????????

  • Rick

    Oh my, you mean you wish to hold Pocahontas accountable?

    What will the world come to if we start having accountable politicians all overr the place? :^)

  • Amargomate

    Sorry but she is FakePocahontas… and we must make her
    “accountable” because she has a history of twisting the truth on her behalf.. and that….. is FACT…