Accuracy in Media

This is almost unbelievable; liberals are still in mourning over Hillary Clinton’s Election Day loss to Donald Trump. A sociology professor at Yale named Jeffrey Alexander was interviewed by CBS News and said the following about the American liberals post-Trump’s victory:

For the more liberal half of the United States, nothing rocked its sense of order more than the November election of Donald Trump as the 45th president. And because of that event, Alexander believes that thousands of Democrats are now experiencing symptoms we generally associate with personal trauma.

“They have stopped smiling. They feel like crying. They feel tired, listless, as if they’re in mourning,” he explains. “It’s as if somebody died who they loved. And what has died is their vision of the United States and that vision of an idealized society moving forward and having progress and becoming more inclusive and more tolerant of rights, committed to peace and getting beyond certain kinds of masculinity. This is as if somebody struck a dagger into its heart. And even though their own lives are probably fine, they haven’t lost their jobs and hopefully nobody’s died, something big has died and it’s a terrible sense of lost.”

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  • Samsa

    It’s true. The America I know has died and now I see that a lot more people are deplorable than I had thought. It’s like anything redeeming about America has passed and been replaced by something ugly and filled with nothing but hate. It’s very sad.

  • sox83cubs84

    Hey, Yale doofus! It’s called Snowflake Sissy Syndrome, and those of us who love America are enjoying watching the whining and blubbering. I’m thinking of making a fortune by investing in coloring books, Play-Doh and animal cookies.

  • sox83cubs84

    Quit whining, snowflake! Your criminal candidate lost. Grow a pair and deal with it!

  • Samsa

    My “criminal candidate”? Please. They never had her for anything. Your candidate won’t even pursue charges because he got what he wanted thanks to people like you who bought his lies. And btw, bragging about sexually assaulting a woman is detailing a crime. So if you’re going to accuse Hilary of being a criminal, make sure your candidate isn’t a racist, lying, toddler with a talent for breaking the laws.

  • Samsa

    No, those of you who “love” America merely love the thought of bigotry and hatred reigning supreme. Also, the only “whining” I’m seeing is from the twitter account of Drumpf. The toddler you elected president.

  • sox83cubs84

    Looks lie you’re a victim of Snowflake Sissy System. Grab a coloring book and some crayons, change the undies you just soiled, and go hug a kitty cat. You’ll feel better afterwards.

  • Samsa

    what a brilliant reply. I’m impressed. I expected much less.

  • sox83cubs84

    I don’t waste my best stuff on the worst posters.

  • Sleepert

    I enjoyed the leak where the DNC was trying to get all the Dem donors to choose and submit the diplomatic posts they wanted around the world before the deadline. What a bunch-o-crappola. I may not like the Donald, but he stopped them cold in their slimy tracks! Now time to get to the business of running the business.

  • frankstclair

    Ah, the love in your tolerant, lefty heart is overwhelming. Long walk, short pier asshat.

  • frankstclair

    Suicide is a valid option.

  • liberalloons

    These people actually thought they were going to crush our constitutional Republic without a fight.

  • Desertwhale

    Awwww poor snowflakes. Keep spewing your politically correct BS and we’ll keep winning elections!

  • KristenSuzanneM

    Now they know how the other side felt….they deserve every single bit of it….and they need to realize they were wrong…they are not the majority of this great nation…they are anything but…and they should have been made aware of that in 2010 when Democrats lost and kept on losing across the board for the next six years to the GOP….that should tell them how in the minority they really are….

  • Desertwhale

    Keep parroting whatever CNN tells you cuck.

  • Michael Lang

    Po’wittle babies…boo hoo.

  • Desertwhale

    Huffington post has you by the balls!

  • cochise1

    Bwahahaha… libs have no idea how much pleasure you have given us by your election meltdown and incessant weeping. Please keep it up…the ‘safe spaces’, therapy sessions, threats to leave the country….all of it. Great fun.

  • Anix Kyuun

    Trump may have a loud mouth, but the liberals resorting to childish behavior by calling him names are no better than they claim he is. I voted for Trump because I’m sick of seeing political correctness and people caring more about what bathroom to go in than the people getting killed by terrorists and illegal immigrants. Wanting illegal immigrants deported doesn’t make you racist. It means that people who break our laws should be punished. Wanting a temporary ban on Muslims entering the country doesn’t make you racist. It means that there’s a chance that some terrorists could sneak into the country and get many innocent people killed, and preventing that will ensure the safety of more Americans. No matter what offensive things Trump has said, at least he has never been responsible for American citizens being killed because of an error in judgment. People should refrain from judging what kind of president Trump will be until after he serves his term. I highly doubt he will start WW3, considering he’s a businessman. Hillary Clinton on the other hand would have most certainly started WW3. For the record, I am not racist, nor am I sexist. I’m simply an American citizen who wants to see America grow stronger and become a better country as a whole. Even if Trump does a horrible job as president, then presidential candidates in the future can learn from his mistakes and make America a better place to live.

  • The Trump supporter with a big

    Trauma my ass, you people were crying cause you lose, you suckers were supporting Hillary who all she did is get people killed, if she won we all would die in a few months from the nuke that will kill us cause of Hillary giving away are private information. When you people get smart and not think of the fact that you people are sitting on your asses and wanted Hillary to win cause you can’t work “Disable people do not count” Trump will fix our money, Hillary would turn our land Fucking America the same country that won the world war with honor, you Hillary supporters sicken me, cause you want every one to die.

  • jfhdsiu

    KARMA coming home to roost NOW. All of the Karma they built up was BAD Karma so any return of it would be “just as bad” or worse if justice prevails.

  • FlatCityGirl

    Please God, don’t allow these Sissy Snowflakes to procreate. Coping with colic or a stinky diaper would be cause for spending the day with a coloring book. Watching an adult take a pacifier away from a toddler is not a pretty sight. No child deserves that kind of parenting.

  • The Trump supporter with a big

    Bullshit, you are bad boi Hillary so gud, that i have no argument about this.

  • 1twothree4

    The Democrats haven’t been this upset since the Republicans took their slaves away from them.

  • FlatCityGirl

    The Left has never understood that we have an election for President every four years.

  • 1twothree4

    I’m SURE is was the fake news that made Hillary lose. Especially “I used one phone for convenience” along with “I’ve been under sniper fire”. The top one was “It was because of an internet video”.

  • sox83cubs84

    Nor do those with Snowflake Sissy Syndrome realize that they can’t change the rules after the fact. Their

  • HJD

    Seriously? Get over yourselves liberals. We’ve had eight years of non-stop battering by the Obama Administration. I’m here to tell you, you will survive. I thank God every day for another chance to make America whole again.

  • HJD

    You’ll never survive with an attitude like that. If you want to see hate, just refer to the last 8 years of Obama trying to destroy this country on so many levels.

  • Deplorable Elspeth Moran

    I believe that Smidgen is trying to start WW3 before leaving office so that he can dump it into Trump’s lap on his way out the door.

  • UncRemus

    Cry Baby Cry…I love the sound of Libtard Misery and Hopelessness…

  • ata777

    Million of liberals desperately need to grow up. It’s that simple.

  • Dukas

    Good, it serves them right.

  • Wayne

    Hillary lost because of a lifetime of selfishness and being a really bad person, as well as a failure at everything she did. Of course, the liberals can only see her through rose-colored glasses and don’t want to see the truth

  • Wayne

    The hate spews from you libs, just as the violence in the campaign was from your minions. The sad thing is none of you are smart enough to admit how truly wrong your philosophy is.

  • 57nomad


  • Chief1942

    I hope that whatever it is they have, that it’s fatal.

  • Muffin1954

    Hey, we know just how you feel. WE felt exactly the same way in ’08 and ’12, except we didn’t cry, lose control, need to find a safe space, or blame everyone and thing but jack the ripper………nobody cared much then either, suck it up buttercups………….

  • ClearThinker

    Half the country gets money from the government, either in the form of benefits or paychecks. So why is it surprising that these takers are upset by Trump when he promises to drain the swamp?

    The swamp is their natural ecosystem and is what provides them with a comfortable living. Now finally they will have to find a way to become makers.

  • itsy_bitsy

    If only it was fatal!

  • Bob Alexander

    Samsa…This has been my best Christmas in eight years! Seven weeks of watching bat-shit crazy leftists unhinge…foamin’ n’ frothin’ while their heads explode and more-to-come in 2017! Such a delightful spectacle…

  • dmreiter

    Very, very, funny. And pathetic. This utopian vision they have is based on lies, fiction, propaganda, distortion and arrogance. Trauma for this crew is well deserved. Kool aid anyone?

  • Bob Alexander

    I like Henry’s response to our precious little snowflakes the day after the election…

  • Bob Alexander

    LOL…What a bat-shit crazy leftist.

  • jjcbj

    And now, back to sucking your thumb and dreaming of the days when obama desecrated the Constitution and tried to rule as an emperor.

  • Dennis Schaaf

    That’s because they’re nuts.

  • Robbins Mitchell

    Well,reading that certainly gave me a lift….the sure and certain trajectory the left had plotted for America’s future is now attenuated….and they have no earthly idea what to do next or which course to plot….so they will probably double down on stupid and keep dreaming their ’60s hippies dreams of a glorious return to the 18th Century where they run our lives because they still know what is best for us

  • Ohiolad

    You’ve made good, sound logical arguments. Trouble is, libs didn’t arrive at their emotionally-driven ideological positions by logic and commonsense, and logic and commonsense can rarely lead libs away from them to persuade them they are wrong.

  • HingeThunder

    What drove me to support Trump was the sense of loss in America, on the personal side. All I have done in my life is to treat others with respect, do them no harm, improve myself by getting an education in an advanced field, obey the laws, pay my taxes, and raise my family with love and devotion. I was simply sick and tired of politicians like Hillary and other Dems telling me that I am the problem and cause of all social ills because I am a straight, white male. I’ve had a belly full of that crap and am just sick to death of it.
    I think Trump will be a results-oriented Executive who, while operating within the rules, will hold those around him to account if there is failure. You don’t get where he is without being tough while at the same time having smart people around him who may disagree on occasion, which puts him in a position to break the stalemate. IOW, no yes men.

  • Alexxthegreat

    Poor dumb creatures….these libs.
    SO…let me ask them….all these jobs coming back….mean nothing at all……NOTHING?

    Then I must assume….NO I MUST ASCERTAIN…. that ….to be a lib….you MUST BE DEAD FROM THE NECK UP!

  • JohnEffKerry

    The biggest environmental threat we face is the fact that the oceans are rising due to Liberal tears. Although it really is fun to watch the moonbats sob!

  • yerkiddenright

    Is there no one remaining on the left who has even a glimmer of a sense of perspective?

  • miriam

    Very well said

  • Crackers

    I’m having a little trouble squaring your name calling argument with the treatment Obama got from conservatives before he was sworn in and throughout his tenure as president. Can you explain why Trump should be treated differently than Obama was treated?

  • George Dixon

    “getting beyond certain kinds of masculinity”

    Liberal Pajama Boys have figured that one out aready.
    ‘Purse-Fu’ anyone?

  • Lori Lee

    Obama got only his fair share as any president does. Trump has gotten comments and treatment completely over the top by enormously unhinged people. There’s a difference. Nobody screamed at Malia or Sasha aboard a plane as they were taking off as Ivanka and her children were–and Mrs. Obama wasn’t called a prostitute amid suggestions that she be raped as Melania has been. Obama wasn’t called a Russian agent just because he was congratulated upon winning his election by Putin.

    Obama wasn’t deemed a thief–and nobody refused to perform for his inauguration. No school kept his White House counsel’s kids from attending just because she worked for him as Kellyanne has suffered–and no members of the House point blank refused to work with Obama as none said they’d fight him every step of the way. There was even a suspicious package at Trump Tower investigated today and I sure don’t recall Obama having his living quarters fake-bombed like that before HE took office.

    These people are completely unglued about anyone who has the slightest connection to Donald J. Trump. I’m surprised the man hasn’t hired a food taster…

  • Carabec

    What a bouquet of SHRINKING VIOLETS!
    When Obama won Conservatives got on with our lives for eight years. We were rewarded with

  • Carabec

    Liberals see the world as they WANT it to be.
    Conservatives see the world as it IS and deals with it.
    We know wishing does not make it so!

  • IBDavid99

    I sure hope suicides go up among the liberals, less idiots the next time around.

  • HarryObrian

    You ‘are’ the problem and so am I. The New World Order cannot have hard working, self-sufficient and reliable people in it’s society. We must become simple, government dependent ‘food eaters’ if their plan of global dominance is to succeed.
    All these snowflakes in the government controlled liberal pubic schools and their First Amendment destroying PC speech are the perfect candidates for the New World Order… and we must realize it, identify it and stop it.

  • HarryObrian

    You conveniently stepped over the fact that the press, over the last 8 years, has, almost illegally, over supported, lied for and shielded Barry whereas they now have joined those insignificant insultants of President Trump.
    Just a slight difference there comrade.

  • JazzBoneDaddy

    In addition to having dodged the further erosion of American life that surely would have occurred had Sir Edmund won the White House, we now have the perfect opportunity to show the world that Liberalism/Progressivism/ Socialism DOES NOT WORK. Four years hence we should be able to look back at what’s happened and point out to Mr. Trump’s detractors that in fact:

    1. The economy boomed in spite of lower personal and corporate tax rates, while also reducing deficit and debt (that whole Laffer Curve thing.)
    2. Blacks, Hispanics and other minorities are far better-off than they were 4 years earlier with improved inner city life through jobs, blight reduction and significantly reduced crime.
    3. Replacing Obamacare has reduced healthcare costs and greatly expanded coverage by getting the government OUT of the health care business. This includes the VA, which will be transformed through effective leadership and allowing vets to use the hospital/medical center of their choice.
    4. Our national educational system will begin producing measurable results in the form of improved test scores along with a more coherent education establishment, driven by local control.

    For some it will be a wool-from-the-eyes moment. For others it will be yet another soul-crushing experience as they realize that everything they believed in has been wrong, and for the true believers it will be another excuse to throw a temper tantrum because of Republican cheating, or some such thing.

    This is gonna be fun!

  • HarryObrian

    The majority of people who voted for Hillary have a hard time tying their shoes without government assistance, from that point on no one was voting for a person but for an ideology. Granted the worst candidate the libs could have ever run is Killary but hey, thankfully that’s what blind narcissism does… makes huge mistakes.

  • JazzBoneDaddy

    Obama has received o continual loving tongue bath by the dominant media since the 2008 primaries. Republicans were basically ignored unless they opposed anything Obama suggested, at which point they were branded ‘racist’, ending all debate. Republicans were willing to work wit him until Obama reminded them in an astonishingly rude meeting – even by Obama standards – that “elections have consequences” and “I won.” And while some GOP opposition was based on pure politics, most of it was from the understanding that much of what Obama wanted to do was BAD for the country.

  • JazzBoneDaddy

    Hopefully the Obamas will help keep the transition classy by not Stealing priceless furniture from the WHITE HOUSE, damaging the computers or looting towels and trinkets from Air Force One, like the Clintons did.

  • JazzBoneDaddy

    Don’t forget claiming to have been named for Sir Edmund Hillary (first person to climb Mt. Everest), which brought him world fame and acclaim – 6 years after Hillary! was born.

  • Frank

    Any “personal trauma” we’re feeling right now ain’t nuthin’ compared to the physical, emotional and financial trauma the entire country is going to start feeling once Drumph starts instigating his idiot policies.

  • Bob

    boo hoo hoo.
    I’ve had 8 long years of living under unlawfulness of the obama regime!
    I paid CASH for my home and we lost 40% of our life long savings for our retirements as many others did. my 401’s became 104’s and I lost my health care from both the VA and no virtually nobody accepts tricare insurance.
    And yet all of these fools think that obama was “great”?
    I can hardly wait for Jan 20th for Mr. Trump to FIX all this mess that obama made.
    Pres. Trump will have the RIGHT to say “I was left with this mess by the previous administration” for EIGHT years. But he won’t, he’ll be busy FIXING things!

  • punkdolphin

    No one wanted to listen to her for 4 years unless they were hardcore Democrats; and could filter out the screeches. The biggest flaw I saw in Hillary was that very little of what she did ended up supporting everyday Americans.

  • punkdolphin

    To a Democrat, Republicans only appreciate white people (especially white males). Which means that the 58% of Democrats that are white see no merit in white people; in fact, they are lining up to be executed by PC cannons right now. Tolerance is such a good thing.

  • VictorErimita

    I don’t see why anyone would think this is “almost unbelievable.” I felt the same way on Election Day 2008. The election of an unaccomplished fraud “rocked [my] sense of order” too. And it didn’t let up for eight years. It’s still going on. Sure, some of lefties’ concerns about Trump are exaggerated, projected or simply imagined. But it would appear that some aren’t.

    It would appear that they really might lose control over the Supreme Court. It appears that many of their cherished goals, such as crushing the fossil fuels industry, will themselves be crushed. It appears that radicals may be flushed from power in many federal agencies, and so on. Yes, their charges of racism, homophobia, misogyny and whatnot are simple projections of their warped world views. But they have plenty of real defeats to look forward to.

  • Long Lance

    I’m looking forward to reading about “Hag-lary” keeling over from a stroke – or being smacked in her ugly face by her loving hubby. Either one works for me.

  • Stev

    I am absolutely giddy at the mental anguish of the snowflake libs. Thank you Mr Trump!

  • Flush the Tpp

    There, there, wittle snowflakes, don’t cry, Trump is here to set things right…

  • Buzzeroo

    Every thing disgusting, stupid, and anarchic that Trump’s enemies feared his backers would do upon his ‘guaranteed’ loss, they have done 10 times over and then some upon THEIR magnificent loss….proving that they are the lowest of the low……an much, much worse.
    In 2 years Trump will gain an invincible 60 seat majority in the Senate and and even greater majority than he now has in the House by simply pointing to the great gains the country has made during his first 2 years. With THAT in hand, In 4 years Trump will simply run on his by then spectacular record while the dimocraps will be standing around with the usual load in their drawers trying to throw as much of it as possible at him while touting their fugitive from a rest home candidate and lose every single state because not one of them will be willing to risk returning to Obamafart conditions

  • Tom Servo

    And oddly enough, I can never STOP Smiling! And I feel like laughing every day, especially when I read articles like this about all of the butt-hurt libs going boo hoo, boo hoo, every day!!!

  • politicalcorrectnesskills

    Bring back good ole USA masculinity! Can’t wait for real men to lead. This woman has missed it.

  • Demerise the Deplorable

    I wouldn’t bet on it.

  • Gene Smith

    The other half of the country is in the midst of jubilation and glee! I LOVE to hear about liberal pain!

    As a man who has seasoned his steaks with the blood of liberals for years this is the bast thing I have read in a long time. I love this!!!

  • Gene Smith

    O’Bongo should have been taken into custody and beat – that is what he deserved anyway.

  • Funkmaster5000

    This just keeps getting better and better! Butthurt, whiny liberals, the gift that keeps on giving!

  • Funkmaster5000

    What happened when Obama was sworn in? I don’t remember people organizing protests at his inauguration like the butthurt libs are doing. Sounds like you’re having a little problem squaring your perceptions with reality.

  • Funkmaster5000

    No chance of the Obamas doing anything that comes close to classy, ever.

  • Tom Thacker

    Trump can solve this problem. All he has to do is instruct the IRS to allow puppies to be included as dependents and to make Play-Doh tax deductible.

  • smokehouse56

    Liberalism is a brain disease. This story just proves it. I am having so much fun reading and watching their juvenile responses. You just can’t make this stuff up. They haven’t realized it yet, or just ignore it, that they have lost over 1000 seats in state and federal governments the last eight years. From the college snowflakes to House members sitting on the floor protesting in the House of Representatives because they didn’t get their way. Just check out “crackers” silly comment below and you will see what I mean.

  • Richard_L_Kent

    A Trump White House will be thanksgiving, every day.

    At your brother-in-law’s house. You know, the one who won’t. shut. up.

  • LauraTXN

    For serious leftist liberals, politics is their religion, government is their church, the President is their Pope/National Pastor. It’s an emotional, non-logical belief system by which they live and find personal meaning. It has been kicked to the curb, their faith has failed, they have no substitute.

  • OhSoRight

    The best part of Trump winning the the gut-wrenching pain suffered by the left.

  • Matt

    “getting beyond certain kinds of masculinity” These delusional left-wing whack-jobs should be pointed and laughed at. Repeatedly, #LibsAreGoodForALaugh

  • Russell Steadman

    These libs even get offended and angry because God is referred to as a “He” even thought God is way beyond a gender specific being.

  • muslimmustgo

    Americans have had those feelings the entire duration of Obama’s usurpation of our govt! If the snowflakes want an obama agenda they should migrate to Cuba or Venezuela!

  • muslimmustgo

    Obama was ant-American from the beginning! Research it!!! If the msm had done its job obama would have been revealed before he was able to dupe the uninformed portion of society!! Actually obama got away with so many treasonous acts that if it were a (white) president they would have had impeachment proceedings against them!! Yes,obama enjoyed a tenure of double standard all because of the color of his skin!!! And he had the audacity to spew white privilege rhetoric!! Yes America is way past due for a president that truly wants America first!!!

  • Steve Allen

    What is worse, liberals have no idea what kind of a world they want, other than for the government to provide everything. Seems we saw that with the soviet union, with socialist countries like Greece and Venezuela (both in bankruptcy), and of course, nazi germany where the government, unable to emerge financially from the loss in WW I, became militaristic, as we all know that result. Idealistic liberals need to learn the history of governments unable to sustain itself as we can in free society

  • Steve Allen

    FAKE FACTS are FAKE FACTS, like Trump being called a bigot and a hater. Hey, how about the tens of thousands he has hired for his many business, people of all color, religion, race, etc. This is not FAKE FACTS, but what this idiot Samsa writes is !!. AND the reason Trump uses Twitter is because he knows he has never and probably never will get a fair shake from the news media. It is a sign of brilliance that he has bypassed the old general news media to reach the American people.

  • Willy Maykit

    >>>>These people are completely unglued about anyone who has the slightest connection to Donald J. Trump. I’m surprised the man hasn’t hired a food taster…>>>

    There are literally dozens and dozens of people making sure Trump’s food is safe.
    It’s close to impossible to poison a US President’s food. He has his own teams of chef’s that prepare anything he eats.

  • Willy Maykit

    Unlikely. I can see this clown putting itching-powder all over the place, along with other childish pranks…shrimp in the curtain-hems…that sort of thing.

  • Someone should tell my Hebrew brethren that the seven days of sitting Shiva have ended. Move on !

  • connoblehill

    Imagine how they feel if their football team lost.

  • Ben Krewer

    I still believe we should be looking for a vaccine cure for the mental disorder that is liberalism. I`m almost not even kidding.

  • Macy’s Mom

    You are as stupid as your egotistical, narcissistic, obviously mentally ill Trump. Here is a quote from your unregistered sex offender, Trump. “I grab a woman’s pussy and can have sex with her because I am rich.” When has he grabbed YOURS, you stupid idiot?

  • Macy’s Mom

    You are nothing but a fucking ugly bigot. The Obamas have more class in their little fingers than you have in your entire ugly body. The Obamas are millionaires and they do not steal. That is what you and your mother do you jackass.

  • JazzBoneDaddy

    Hahahahahahahahahahaha! Liberalism is a mental disorder!

    Best regards,
    Chris Shannon

  • Rick Fairfield

    Accurate depiction of immature reactions in losers that I have observed in my life. The only difference is that because the Liberal media and Hollywood is so touched by it, now it becomes an issue.

  • Cliff Lawton

    RIIIIGHT! JUST LIKE WE HAVE FELT FOR THE LAST 8 YEARS!!! DEPRESSION, ANXIETY, PERSONAL SAFETY, ETC. After I have been threatened for standing up for my core values. Thank GOD this assault on our nation’s liberty and constitution is taking a hiatus!!! Praise God!! Thanks GOD Hellary is NOT going to be President!!!

  • The Return of Man

    Thank you, President Trump.

  • extractr

    I can relate. I felt the same 8 years ago.

  • William

    Anybody regretting their vote now?

  • William

    Ha! Libs see Conservatives the same way..and have the evidence to prove it!

  • William

    You made the claim, you prove it.

  • Carabec

    Incorrect quote!

  • Carabec

    Well stated.

  • Diane Porto

    WRONG We are Strong Working people just like you if you work.

  • Diane Porto

    Yet he did not pay them and went bankrupt no respect for hand working people and companies went bankrupt. Has not make money. Now he might make or should I steal off American people only time will tell. Not good will come out of this Trump. But we see he can always put his foot or both feet in his mouth or tweet. Ha Ha back to you.