Accuracy in Media

Vox, a pro-Obama and a liberal website, admitted that former President Barack Obama’s acceptance of a $400,000 speaking fee from Wall Street firm Cantor Fitzgerald betrayed his presidency, his anti-Wall Street and anti-1% rhetoric.

Looks like politicians CAN be hypocrites, even the Left’s lauded hero Obama.

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  • Rex Larson

    Don’t know why Obama accepting $400k to speak is news. He’s been talking out his neck for the past 8 years and lying to the American people regularly with the blessing of the mainstream media. You really think one more example of hypocrisy is going to bother the most dishonest President to ever serve this nation? Get real there’s more to come no doubt.

  • The Major

    With all of the shootings in Chicago,,,doe anyone really believe that obozo will actually live there when his spoiled brats finish this school term ends?? I do NOT. Remember the Mansion in the TV show “Magnum PI”?
    I heard it was purchased by an obamanista for & is being restored for probably 1,8 mil. ..10mil total,,,& will probably be “Donated”to the obozos in the Fall as his spawn start new schools,,,just like McCauliffe “Donated” a house in Chappaqua for the ‘clit’ons in NY & the ‘clit’ons helped him to the Gov of Virginia
    Wait & watch