Accuracy in Media

The liberal media criticized President Donald Trump for his decision to implement a delay on ending DACA, known as the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, an executive order issued by Barack Obama.

Here are some of the headlines where the liberal media pleaded with Congress to save DACA:

CBS News: How the decision to end DACA affects “Dreamers”

CNN: Trump’s DACA decision triggers anguish, political firestorm

NBC News: Tears, Anger and a Promise to Fight Back as Trump Ends DACA

However, as the National Constitution Center mentioned, federal judges sided with Texas and other states which challenged DACA-like requirements issued by Obama. It demonstrates the underlying unconstitutionality of Obama’s previous DACA-like requirements, where DACA would extend to immigrants’ parents.

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  • Rebecca Bernard

    DACA is an unconstitutional violation of separation of powers. President Obama did not have authority to create law by signing DACA. Creating law is the job of Congress (legislative body) not the President (executive body). By overturning DACA, President Trump is giving the responsibility for passing laws on this issue back to Congress and the gracious six month delay to the end of DACA provides time for Congress to get their rear in gear and pass laws if Congress wants to make laws patterned after DACA or if they want to come up with some other solution before DACA ends. People who don’t want DACA to end should contact their senators and representatives to get laws passed, not sue President Trump for overturning the unconstitutional DACA.