Accuracy in Media

Two activists behind the undercover Planned Parenthood videos were charged with fifteen felonies for their videos, which alleged that Planned Parenthood sold baby/fetal body parts. Planned Parenthood is the darling of the Left as their abortion provider.

The conservative media uses the phrase “pro-life,” while pro-abortion types in the liberal media call the pro-life movement and its supporters “anti-abortion.” Apparently, a lot is in a name, as the headlines of the liberal media demonstrate:

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  • tkrepel

    So it’s somehow inaccurate and biased to call people who are against abortion “anti-abortion”?

  • mioahu

    No, it’s just a double standard ….
    Then they should call people who are for abortions “pro-abortion”, not pro choice …the left has a way to define terms to fit their agenda…
    Pro Choice instead of anti abortion or pro killing unborn babies, unless the choice is school …..then they are not pro choice ….
    Women Health instead of killing another person that lives inside you and has a different DNA, and it’s not your body
    Climate Change when the narrative does not fit the Global warming label anymore, so they can justify weather of any kind , including floods in California 🙂
    Undocumented as opposed to Illegal
    List could continue 🙂

  • James

    I agree with @disqus_LHBRCbBt0f:disqus

    I am unswerving against abortion, and I’ve no problem with being labelled “anti-abortion.”

  • tkrepel

    Actually, pro-choicers do not demand that anyone have an abortion in the same way anti-abortion activists demand that nobody be allowed to have one, so “pro-abortion” is not an accurate term.

  • exclaimedleech8

    Which is good, because with your attitude toward guns and the environment, you are not pro life.

  • James

    How could you possibly have even the slightest idea what my “attitude toward guns and the environment” is?

  • myintx

    Pro-choice is wrong because that would mean you are for any choice. The choice to rob a bank, kill a newborn, etc…

    So anti-abortion is being against the killing of unborn children and pro-abortion is supporting (or being for) the killing of unborn children.