Accuracy in Media

The ‘fake news’ parade by the liberal media continues, this time about President Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka. Ivanka was present at a meeting with the World Bank, where people pledged to donate to a Women’s Entrepreneurship Fund and where the World Bank would manage the fund.

However, the liberal media claimed that Ivanka Trump was behind the fund and compared it to the Clinton Foundation controversy (i.e. pay to play/pay for influence and favors). They were wrong to do so, since Ivanka Trump was there as the one who brought up the idea of the fund’s creation.

No wonder people are tuning out the liberal media with a constant flow of anti-Trump ‘fake news’ coming out weekly.

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  • Kahlil60

    U.S.S.A, THE United States of Socialist America.
    We are living in the final days of individualism, capitalism and Christianity.
    Collectivism is the New Age. What this implies is the expansion of the State versus the people. As China and Russia tweak their ideology to survive, we are embracing an idealogy socialism that guarantees it perpetual power.
    No need to vote anymore since socialism is the only choice. No more Republican presidents, worse conservative Christian presidency.
    This is the alliance between the State and the false Prophet. Those who see the link are the “enlightened ones”

  • BooBooBaby

    It is sad that so many are Brainwashed by the Lunatic Lying Lefty Racist Race Baiting Whiny Loser Nutjob LIBERAL DemonRat CryBaby Hypocrite Filthy Libt4rd Fake News Media!

    We need more and more Truthers like you guys! You need to get your own Cable News Station! I worry about the older folks that don’t have the internet….they are being Brainwashed and poisoned!