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The Daily Caller first broke a story yesterday afternoon, where an IT staffer for the Democratic National Committee (DNC) was arrested at Dulles airport in the D.C. metropolitan area. The staffer, Imwan Awan, was arrested by the FBI after wiring $283,000 to his native Pakistan. His wife and children had already left the country and were permitted to do so by airport authorities, who confiscated $12,000 found on the wife before letting them go.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz, former DNC chief, only fired Awan when news of the arrest was made public.

The story broke after 5 PM on Tuesday, but the liberal media only reported on it Wednesday afternoon. Does it take almost an entire day to vet this story, considering the details that the Daily Caller had reported on?

ABC News reported on it after 6 PM, CBS News reported on it after 2 PM, Washington Post published an article at 2:44 PM and NBC News right before 2 PM.

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  • Aint So

    Well, that fleshes it out real good doesn’t it.

  • greatj

    Lets call this WASSERGATE

  • TPS12

    msm not interested in the truth no true journalist would continue to not cover these scandals unless they have an agenda.

  • TED

    So … when did Fox News report it? (By all accounts, they should have been first to do so!)

  • lsm

    Search of Google news ‘Imwan Awan’ today produces only this low information article. Guess the fox accounts must be blocked as fake

  • gbyrneg50

    That only happens to the Republicans doesn’t it?

  • SouthernBubbe

    Besides reasons that should be obvious to even the most casual observer, why was a supposedly part-time IT employee making over $160K/year? What is it with Democrats and overpaying for IT services? Digital Trends received a contract for 93M for the Unaffordable (and illegal) Care Act. Awan Imran’s whole family is on the payroll. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, constituents are pinching pennies…

  • John Higgins

    It’s about time the legal department deals with the democratic side of the isle. This lady is a big disappointment.

  • The Texan

    Would not be surprised to learn that Shultz is involved in the whole affair right up to her eyeballs. I little investigation would also probably find a link to her girlfriend Hillary.

  • mattzcat