Accuracy in Media

The liberal media claimed that the state of North Carolina is suffering economically after HB 2 was passed, which is known colloquially as the ‘bathroom bill.’ But, the facts point in a different direction, contrary to the liberal media headlines. Per a conservative group Family Research Council, the state has benefitted post-HB2:

Financial indicators released for 2016, they write, “show that the boycott has failed to derail North Carolina as a regional and national powerhouse,” despite the loss of some significant sporting events. As we’ve talked about before, hotel occupancy and room demand shattered records last year — part of the reason Forbes named North Carolina #2 in the nation for doing business. Now, adding to those accolades, Site Selection magazine just named the state “fourth in the nation for attracting and expanding businesses with the arrival of 289 projects — and seventh in projects per capita.”

Hardly the stuff of a flailing economy! “North Carolina finished first for drawing corporate facilities in the eight-state South Atlantic region,” the Times goes on. “Also unscathed was the state’s seasonally adjusted unemployment rate, which was 5.3 in January 2016 and 5.3 percent in January 2017.” If liberals were hoping to make a case study out of North Carolina and the effects of privacy bills, they’ll have a tough time doing so now. As many as 13 states are considering measures like HB 2 — and based on these numbers, it might be the best decision they ever make!

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  • There are financial variables and economic indicators that can be used by any state to properly report its revenue traits. But when those economic indicators are deliberately skewed by diabolical political correct venues a state can at times lose its credibility. The good thing about North Carolina is the state stood its grounds on morals and values, and that will always trump political correct immorality. The liberal left media continue to forget that everyone doesn’t “think” like them [vulgar morals,values]. There are people who spend their money in reference to their morals and values. In this North Carolina “bathroom case” many people have aligned their wallets and check books with spending money in North Carolina which just so happen to be a state that have the same morals and values as they do… .
    Dr BearClayborn – Political Psychiatrist ACB Newspaper International