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Hillary Clinton, the losing Democratic Party presidential candidate in 2016 to then-underdog GOP challenger Donald Trump, is going on a book tour. The tour is to highlight her book, “What Happened,” and to apparently relitigate the results of her Election Day loss.

What’s lost in all the coverage is that Clinton’s book promoters are charging more than $2,000 for a VIP package, which includes:

The “platinum VIP ticket” to Clinton’s talks in Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal costs $2,375.95 (or 2,967 Canadian dollars), Fox News reports. For those who can afford it, the ticket brings two front-row seats, a photo with Clinton backstage and a signed book.

Imagine if John McCain did the same after losing to Barack Obama in 2008 — would the media cover it the same way?

Also lost in the coverage is that this is Hillary Clinton’s first trip to Wisconsin, which she skipped in her 2016 campaign. Irony, much?

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  • MonadnockMan

    Clearly, you cannot change the stripes on stupid and does she look stupid!

  • dumbvet

    The only thing I would pay to see HiLIARy do is put on an orange jumpsuit!


    Who would be that stupid to pay anything?

  • Vicki Kuner Mattingly

    this woman never stops another rip off from the clintons

  • Jf

    just go back in your hole hillary, you poltical hack……..once and for all….

  • Char

    GO AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!

  • gobrien

    She’s a money addict / whore — take your pick.

  • Robert H Muir

    She is not in government. She can money anyway she likes.

  • Renagadekd

    I pick both!

  • Renagadekd

    Yes she can… better she steals from the rich rather than the rest of us!

  • Renagadekd

    Can we take up a collection and buy her a oneway ticket to North Korea. At least if she can replace Kim, she won’t start a war or send troops even if attact! Remember Benghazi? Don’t hate me I’m just trying to make the world a better place!

  • The Texan

    Are there actually people who will pay for that? I would not attend if the offered to pay me. What a waste of time and money.

  • Robert H Muir

    nobody needs to buy the book. she would be a fool not to promote her book. In 4 years Trump will be promoting his own book.

  • Carolyn

    Too bad there are so many stupid liberals out there who enjoy patting themselves on the back and congratulating each other for all the bullshit and damage they have spread in this country. Otherwise this book would not be bought by one single human being. Not that I can actually call corrupt politicians like Clinton human… These people are dragging this country down so deep that we may never see daylight again. May God have mercy on us all….

  • Carolyn

    I would pay to help send Clinton ANYWHERE but the United States IF she could be kept there to NEVER show her face in the U.S. again…

  • Carolyn

    Unfortunately all the liberals will be buying her book which will continue to keep her ugly mug in the spot light. I just wish she would accept the fact that nobody cares about her and live her life in a silence from the media. I’m sick and tired of seeing her all over the place when she is such a NOBODY!

  • Robert H Muir

    Many of us are sick of seeing the “bully” President every day on the news. Using the word “idiot” as marks a person as a Trumpster. According to vote count(nearly 3 million) more liberal minded citizens voted for her.

  • Lynn S.Pilcher

    She is a victim of the Feminist Movement and her own blind ambition for power. Which, she does not understand the concepts of powers, she thinks it about authority (I’m the boss), but it is more about responsibility.

  • Robert H Muir

    Typical remark from the right.

  • susanlangley

    I wish we could find out how many suckers paid anything at all to see her on her “book tour”. Money hungry. Remember when they stole over $100,000 worth of White House furnishings when they moved out of the White House after the 2000 election? They were caught and had to return it.

  • gobrien

    Typical because it’s true. Stop protecting wrong doers in BOTH parties. They won’t protect you and could care less about what you’re going through. If they did, they wouldn’t exempt themselves from the laws they make. Convention of the States is the only way we can reign in the elitists and the runaway government. It’s time to stand and take our country back.

  • BobInBpt

    I have NEVER heard of authors charging people to go to their book signings !!!! She’s a Real Panhandler !

  • mb

    With the Clinton’s it is always about the money, and nothing but the money. Only dims seem to go on speaking and book tours after a defeat or when they are termed out of office. I wonder if the defeated team in the upcoming Baseball World Series should try this?

  • American ex-Pat

    The ‘Clinton Foundation’ didn’t walk away with enough that the queen of embellishment(liar) continues to prostitute herself out, this time for pocket money? FAIL!

  • American ex-Pat

    If the people of San Juan have any clue about anything they will not reelect this histrionics-prone, over-educated human resources executive. She was/is not prepared for the real world, and it’s a bit late for on the job training!