Accuracy in Media

President Trump is still supported by many of those who voted for him, per a recent NBC News poll that found his approval rating is at 50% in pro-Trump counties in the Midwest.

Though he may be weaker than previous presidents, seven months into his presidency, this poll chips away at the foundation of the liberal media narrative that Trump is unpopular among his supporters. He is trusted more on the issues rather than his personality, the poll found, which is an interesting development.

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  • mioahu

    i think he’s supported by all the people who voted for him, and then some who are pissed off at the stupidity of the media who focuses on fake news when there is so much to report, and at the leftists who keep “resisting” with every ridiculous hypocritical march they organize, and at the pathetic actors and singers who use every occasion to insult the president … what all the “resisters” don’t realize in their major stupidity is that they are the ones colluding with Russia, because the biggest achievement of Putin is to diminish America by having it fight within, and they are doing a better job than the KGB, useful idiots

  • mark

    This info of course does not make it to the biased bullcrap corporation (bbc) or sky news in the uk nor to ahuum, rt channel in uk.