Accuracy in Media

The liberal media appears to be feeling empty after the NCAA kept championship tournaments in the state of North Carolina after the state legislature and governor reached a compromise on House Bill 2. House Bill 2, known as HB2, was passed to make sure that people went to the bathroom according to their birth gender.

But, public outcry and pressure led to the NCAA and NBA boycotting the state over it. Now that the law has been changed, the NCAA said it would participate in the state again.

Here are liberal media headlines about the policy change:

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  • Bill W

    I will still boycott the NCAA as I hope others will also.

  • Nelson De Los Santos

    Look! The purpose of a boycott is to overturn someones decisions due to it going against our convictions or beliefs. If God or our love ones would hold against us after repentance or reparations for our pass sins. What would be the point of Grace? I’ll thank the NCAA for accepting their wrong and making it right. Nevertheless, the NBA will continue in my NO’NO’ list. And that’s my favorite sport!!! But my loyalty belongs to Jesus Christ and His word.