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The ongoing corruption trial of U.S. Senator Robert “Bob” Menendez could throw a wrench in the plans of the Democratic Party to stall the Republican agenda. Why?

Menendez has tried to get reprieves from his corruption trial to go vote on bills in Washington, D.C., but has so far been denied that chance by a judge.

The liberal media has covered the reports about the trial, thankfully, and have not swept the news under the rug:

Reuters: US opposes changing NJ Senator Menendez’s corruption trial schedule

New York Times: Menendez is Denied Repriever from Corruption Trial to Cast Senate Votes

Politico: Menendez pleads with judge to recess corruption trial for major Senate votes

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  • mlentz

    Finally! We’re finally getting a reprieve from corrupt, democratically appointed (but I repeat myself) judges

  • lebonid

    Reuters is liberal media?

  • mioahu

    Yes, they all are, but a very few conservative media outlets left

  • MonadnockMan

    They should have done this to a ton of libs and before the libs fire back, if memory serves, the majority Conservatives who get their feet wet, resign and move on or suffer the repercussion under the law.

    Libs cry like babies and bring up useless babble and blaming the entire world for their ills. Why is DWS not in front of some type of investigation committee or better yet charged? They want to witch hunt our current President who was duly elected. So let us list a few of dolts on the lib side with excess baggage beginning with obozo, billbob, billary, maxie, nancy, diane, debbie, pocahontas, chuckie, cummings, sjl keep getting passes and all hell breaks loose if someone from the other side ties their shoes. Front page on the following rags and video outlets, nyt, wapo, cnn, msnbc, abc, cbs, nbc, etc….

  • Mark Midas

    But are most media resorting to their usual trick of not mentioning that Menedez is a Democrat or not mentioning his party affiliation until the jump page or 15th paragraph?