Accuracy in Media

Women’s March, the anti-Trump and left-wing protest movement, praised a convicted cop killer, yet the liberal media did not consider it newsworthy on their online homepages. Assata Shakur, or formerly Joanne Chesimard, was praised by the group this past week:

The movement is famous for marching in Washington, D.C. with attendees dressed in costumes resembling female genitalia and having obscenely-worded signs, in addition to one of its leaders, Linda Sarsour, calling for a jihad against President Trump.

Despite this being newsworthy, the liberal media did not run a single article on the group’s praise of a cop killer on any of their online homepages on Monday after the news broke.

Go figure, ignoring how left-wing and anti-cop the Women’s March movement really is.

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  • BlackSuperman

    Except few problems. Assata was convicted based on no evidence by a all white jury. Police at that times had known history of misconduct and harassed black activists. She also told everyone she was innocent in a letter and people believe her. Which debunks your assertion they are anti-cop. She also said she escaped from jail because she was being tortured in prison. That’s why she is being praised.

  • You’re lying.

    She admits guilt. Violent black radicals were granted leniency at even higher rates than white ones. She wasn’t being tortured. She is a sickening pig, a cold-blooded murderer and torturer.

    I’d hide behind a fake name to spew such garbage too. You lack the courage of your convictions, which is hardly surprising.

  • BlackSuperman

    No she didn’t admitted anything you’re saying. You are the liar.? Obviously you don’t know what you’re talking about or know anything about this case. Forensics evidence proved she didn’t shot anyone. There wasn’t even fingerprints on the weapon. It was confirmed the officer lied about it because she was shot while surrendering. She was also aquitted of all the other previous charges years before. Now you can be a clueless all you want. But don’t lie. Also yes she was totured while being sent into a males prison doofus. And no blacls were treated leniency. Blacks were beating beaten and abused just like MLK was. Even the Human rights organizations admitted police were violating people’s rights at that time. So the next time you come on here calling someone out, you better know what you’re talking about.