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The ‘March for Science,’ which took place on April 22 (Earth Day), was yet-another anti-Trump march meant to allow anti-Trump elements to vent their frustration in public. Previous anti-Trump marches were the Women’s March on Washington on January 21st and the Tax March on April 14th.

Yet, the liberal media does not recognize that these marches are not leading to immediate political results, except for a bunch of political rhetoric being tossed around.

How did they cover this anti-Trump march? Check out their headlines:

The Atlantic: How The March For Science Finally Found Its Voice

NPR: Saturday’s March Aims To Stand Up For Science

NBC News: March for Science Demonstrators Say They’re the Real Patriots

CBS News: March for Science global rally takes aim at Trump, environmental cuts

The media even heralded Bill Nye the Science Guy’s speech at the March for Science (for the record, Nye is an engineer and TV personality, not a climate scientist):

Washington Post: The March for Science was a moment made for Bill Nye

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  • mioahu

    Climate Change is NOT science, it’s a confused term chosen by the lefties after they realized global warming was not reall real and the earth has not warmed for 18 years, but for fake reports ….The models that predict warming are all flawed, and many scientist manipulate the data. The leftist governments give disproportionate grants for studies involving global warming to a community of scientists who are mostly leftists. NOAA and WHO acknowledged fudging the data to show increasing temperatures. All the time lapse videos showing receding ocean waters are time lapse videos that can be produced in a day because of flux and reflux, i live by the ocean and it has not receded an inch.
    The end of the “PERMANENT” California drought was declared last month, and Europe saw massive snow fall few days ago … is thinning at north pole but growing at south pole.
    Here’s a list of few of the scientists who are brave enough to oppose or cast doubts on global warming.
    Brave because the science world, like the entertainment world, is unforgiving with their heretics, and these people are ostracized.

    Hopefully some will recognize names like Freeman Dyson 🙂
    And rest assured there are MANY MORE. They are like the trump supporters, didn’t say it before the election because they would be ridiculed and ostracized, but in the booth there was a different story. This leftist hysteria shall pass too, like they all do, DDT, global cooling, second hand smoke and may more.

  • Mark M.

    Did any of the reports mention April 22 (a/k/a “Earth Day”) as the birth date of mass murderer and former Soviet Politburo member Vladimir Lenin? Probably not. Environmentalism is a Big Lie: green on the outside and red on the inside. Rachel Carson (The Silent Spring) was a 1960s Communist operative much as Betty Friedan (The Feminine Mystique) along with far too many others to mention in this space. Suffice to day, hey all excelled in fake news decades ago.

  • Txmumbles

    Except Rachel Carson was correct, DDT was killing birds, plants and even children. Cause and effect is still important. That’s what science is about. Decisions made based on bad data always turn out to be harmful. Check your sources carefully.