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CNN, Politico, the liberal media… they got the North Carolina House Bill 2 (known as “HB2”) all wrong. Why? The headlines claimed that the law has had a negative economic impact on the Tarheel State.

Politico’s alleged hard-hitting piece on the effect of HB2, entitled, “The Bathroom Bill that Ate North Carolina,” admitted the following toward the end of the article:

…Because of HB2, the state’s economic picture is bright. North Carolina’s budget surplus tops $500 million, and the state is adding thousands of jobs every month. “If [Democrat Governor] Cooper didn’t have HB2 to talk about, what could he possibly criticize Republicans for?” asked Dee Stewart, a GOP consultant in the state.

CNN’s analysis was similarly petty when it admitted the following:

HB 2 probably cost the state millions through the loss of jobs, businesses, and consumer spending. But, even the top estimate would only represent a small fraction of the state’s overall economy — about $510 billion in gross domestic product.
While such economic losses are not insignificant, “the state’s overall economy is large enough that the losses are only about 0.1 percent of the total GDP,” according to Politifact.
So, all is not lost for North Carolina, after all.

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  • breagerey

    so … if I have a $800 Billion surplus and I’m adding 40,000 jobs a month … and then do something cuts all that in half I can still say “things are bright” because I have a $400 Billion surplus and am adding 20,000 jobs a month …
    kind of BS but that’s selective facts for ya’

  • Aint So

    Speaking of BS, try reading the article, carefully and slowly this time. Not see if you can get your facts in order before posting.

  • ICorps

    You really must put things into perspective.

    One-tenth of one percent (0.1%) of total GDP is an insignificant cost to preserve a culture and American tradition and to obstruct rampant decadence and potential danger to women and girls.

  • breagerey

    there’s *zero* evidence this would protect anybody
    Somebody that wants to go into a women’s bathroom to prey on women is going to do so regardless of this.
    What it does is ensure that women who have transitioned and now look like men *will* legally be allowed to traumatize your wife or 13 year old grand daughter by using the women’s restroom.