Accuracy in Media

Liberals and liberal media figures criticized First Lady Melania Trump for her wearing of four-inch stilettos before heading to Air Force One to visit hurricane-ravaged Houston, Texas. Why?

The liberal media has nothing better to do, but to criticize the First Lady. But this isn’t the first time that the liberal media has played the role of fashion police, as Newsweek criticized her for her like of stiletto pumps in mid-August.

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  • hap46

    Ask the CIA to leak out what brand of toilet paper the Trump’s use? What is going on with the media in the U.S.A.?

  • riverrat119

    Let’s face it — if he’d gone later it would have been too late, if he’d gone in the middle of the storm it would have been too early & stupid, if he’d gone day after it would have been wrong! The idiots in the media will find something to beat up on him or Mrs. Trump no matter what they do! And her wearing heels to board the plane? What difference does it make?? But for the record, if you watch the videos of him AT the hurricane zone, she’s in white tennis!! Our sick main stream media has nothing better to report than how soon/late Trump gets to the crisis or what shoes Melania wears? They should be fired for not earning their pay!!

  • jg collins

    The media have sold out to the forces of Socialist thuggery, abandoning their mission of Truth. Karma is coming.

  • jg collins

    Well, there ain’t any media left, pretty near. What we have is the propaganda arm of the Dim-Crap Party.

  • Rich Schmidt

    Petty, just Petty!


    It is odd to wear heels in a disaster zone.


    I’m an (R) who views wearing heels to a disaster zone as odd and out of touch.

  • Sam Henderson

    Going to board plane
    She had tennis shoes on going into meeting in Texas. Geez she has more than one pair of shoes.