Accuracy in Media

Again, the liberal media continues to rail against the Trump administration and the close-knit family of the First Family. This time, the liberal media is concerned about the possible nepotism among the Trumps as President Trump’s daughter, Ivanka, has now taken an official White House position.

Would they have reacted the same if Hillary Clinton chose her daughter Chelsea Clinton for a White House gig? Take a look at how the liberal media reacted to gauge their bias:

  • CNN: Ivanka Trump is making her White House job official
  • The Hill: Obama WH ethics lawyer: Ivanka’s job is nepotism
  • NPR: Trump relatives’ potential White House roles could test anti-nepotism law
  • NBC News: Ivanka Trump named ‘assistant to the President’ in new role
  • Cosmopolitan: Ivanka Trump’s White House gig is an insult to working women

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  • Donna Beard

    Yea, if Killary were president and she hired Chelsea, the leftists would think that was wonderful!! And Ivanka is non-paid! Chelsea would have a 6-figure job. They are such incredible hypocrites.

  • Gordon Miller

    Doesn’t nepotism almost always mean being given a PAID job by a relative. Here, Ivanka’s unpaid role, given she is extremely savvy, is closer to philanthropy.

  • Roger Ramsey

    I suppose it was ok when John F. Kennedy appointed his Brother Bobby Kennedy as Attorney General of the United States?

  • seewill

    Congress passed laws against it after that. Which the Trumps and Congress are ignoring.

  • balcobomber25

    But the liberal media proclaims JFK as the greatest president of all time. If they only they follow their own standards…

  • seewill

    What does that have to do with Congress passing laws against it???