Accuracy in Media

Professor Jonathan Turley, one of the fairer and open-minded law professors, recently penned an op-ed at The Hill and said he was alarmed by former FBI director James Comey’s admission. Comey admitted being the source of a leak of memos, which gave his side of the story of his conversations with President Trump.

Turley said the following:

Comey said that he took these actions days after his termination, when he said that he woke up in the middle of the night and realized suddenly that the memos could be used to contradict Trump. It was a bizarrely casual treatment of material that would be viewed by many as clearly FBI information. He did not confer with the FBI or the Justice Department. He did not ask for any classification review despite one of the parties described being the president of the United States. He simply sent the memos to a law professor to serve as a conduit to the media.

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  • Disgusted with the GOP

    Comey covered up the Clinton crimes. He needs to be charged as a leaker. What else did he leak? He is spineless and needed to be fired.

  • Rex Larson

    The firing of FBI Director James Comey, aka Benedict Arnold, was long overdue that’s for certain. He needs to disappear and stop trying to carve a place for himself in American history. He is a disgrace to law enforcement everywhere and history will reflect that.

  • Elaine Szemkus

    Eight years under Democrat dismantling of our Constitutional Republic. Democrats ignoring of our laws. Democrats attempting to bring in socialist governance through mob rule. The multiple scandals under their watch has caused death and financial mayhem and the death of The Gulf of Mexico. It has not been ignorance that is at the heart of their policies. It has been Communist Rules of Engagement to leave America a wasteland over run by illegal immigrants, bereft of social morals and total disregard for our laws. In the history of this nation, we have never had an election of a president without being able to verify his right to be president. Never has a president sealed all evidence of his life and this took hidden backers with power to get this into play. Who are those powers who set this in motion? Why have American voices been without any platform to speak out? How did it happen that we the people who elect in order to represent us, turned their positions into being our masters? Can an employee decide that he will be the master of the owner? When did true town hall meetings become a way of blocking Americans from calling out wayward politicians supposedly representing us? Every single step away from our true Republic, our rule of law, of illegally allowing Supreme Court appointees to decide whether our Constitution could be adulterated by their interpretations has continually distanced Americans from their Constitutional agreement in perpetuity. A legal and binding agreement that was not to be and could not be redefined by one sideripping it up and ignoring the true benefactors, the true Sovereigns represented by that document.