Accuracy in Media

Late-night television host Jimmy Kimmel again wandered into the political arena this week, after months of railing against the Republican Party over tax reform and health care reform.

This time, Kimmel focused on health insurance funding known as CHIP, or the Children’s Health Insurance Plan.

Kimmel criticized Republican politicians for not funding children’s insurance, without acknowledging that CHIP was created by Sen. Orrin Hatch (R.-Utah). Hatch reiterated he will get funding passed for the program.

The late-night television host also overlooked how Congress and the Trump administration are funding the program until a permanent spending bill is passed.

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  • The Highlander

    Just another example of morons being hired for late night TV, maybe late night TV is a training programme to move on to CNN for a job.

  • samo war
  • I wish Jimmy Kimmel would just go away.

  • Jimmy Kimmel also believes in Net Neutrality. As Mark Levin said….Kimmel should consider sharing his BIG NETWORK show with other comedians and give them a chance to grow.