Accuracy in Media

Wait, but Kasich is mathematically eliminated from winning the outright GOP nomination, so why is he still in the race? Ted Cruz most likely will not win it outright, but he is the closest to Trump’s delegate count.

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  • reggie

    Probably because his handlers are going to try and pull a fast one at the convention.

  • AndRebecca

    Do you think The Don has offered him a bribe, VP maybe?

  • jug

    Both wrong so far!
    He is still there because George Sorros paid him $700,000!
    Now, isnt that a crock of crap, the traitor accepted it and kept on running!
    The SOB should go to jail for interferring with an election, let alone dealing with an emeny of the state!

    Complete crud, I hope this takes him out of any other public office for the rest of his life!