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  • smith_citizen

    McCain is a retired naval officer and a sitting Senator, but not a legal scholar. I thank him for his military service. His tenure in the Senate is reaching an endpoint as hopefully a more recent veteran not affiliated with crony partyism of either party can surface. Why Petraeus has not been held accountable for the Benghazi disaster where 4 American citizens serving for government agencies were killed remains a completed unknown; the coincidence of Petraeus marital infidelity and the deaths at a CIA responsible building requires some answers which Obama, Hillary, or Petraeus have never provided. What did Petraeus know and when did he know it and did or did not efforts to assist come forward or were they belayed by an on scene Stand Down Order or higher up the CHOC preventing AFRICOM and the Mediterranean Fleet Admiral from providing support. If anything happens before the general election, it will be surprising and if McCain goes on record for some answers that will also be surprising.