Accuracy in Media

Attorney General Jeff Sessions deviated from his prepared remarks, where he said that MS-13 and other gangs are “filth” and that the U.S. government will work to eliminate the problems with gangs. However, people on social media saw the word “filth” and mistakenly attributed it to Sessions disparaging illegal immigrants and blasted Sessions for the remark.

The word “filth” was in his prepared remarks, but he actually did not say it in his speech. Yet, people like one Tufts professor took the prepared remarks out of context. The professor apologized in a Washington Post piece, but it shows that context matters.

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  • Chilibreath

    Truth be known (and from the experience(s) of this old retired big city street cop) gang bangers are indeed filth no matter what their race, creed or color they are. Let’s get something straight right up from the get go: thugs, criminals and lowlife scumbags are the people who will hurt you and your family… and they will do it just for fun, so yes, they are filth in every sense of the word. And if you take offense to this statement then don’t call the police the next time you feel threatened by the filth that walks and drives on our streets, you handle the situation the best way you can (begging, pleading and crying) and then get back to us with the outcome. Human filth indeed, Sessions got it right!

  • AZtejas

    I assume the AG us using the following definition of filth: “moral impurity, corruption, or obscenity”. That seems to properly describe the gangs, such as MS-13, based on what they do. Their actions and not the color of their skin. The Tuft’s professor, has a problem with that he should find another profession and quit teaching out children. Now if on the other hand, he simply wants to label the AG a racist, then please do so. We have Freedom of Speech and would not want to deprive you of your rights. By simply calling the AG a racist without using his written text, out of context, we will know you by your actions as a bigot and hypocrite.

  • AZtejas

    Well said; as only one that has had to deal with this personally, could do.
    Thank you for your service and for your words..

  • WeirOnlyHuman

    The media didn’t “mistakenly” attribute it to anything. They purposely attributed it in a way that would be politically incorrect, thereby causing him to apologize. That’s the nonsense that must stop if we’re ever to tell the truth about the menace to our country.

  • Wendy Le Van

    Who cares…we know what the meaning of the word is is….we are not like the libtards and need everything explained.

  • Henry W Hunt

    A good point. These professors are out of control and teaching the kids how to be “Marxists” and not good citizens. Image, UCDavis students voting to NOT display the American Flag? ugh!