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This is confusing, considering Planned Parenthood is the organ seller and the Center for Medical Progress exposed the practice. Grand juries and indictments are increasingly sketchy, it seems.

planned parenthood photo

Photo by American Life League

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  • kduke

    It is only confusing if you refuse to admit the videos are bogus and the makers are liars. By the way, they committed tax fraud also. Look for more indictments.
    Try to live up to your site’s promise, with something other than Fox style “fair and balanced…” Which, of course, is neither.

  • VinceFinnegan

    “we went where the evidence took us”….sorry guys, but those extremists broke the law. (Abortion is legal)

  • Reality_Calling

    What did they lie about? Were they lying when the video showed PP confessing, with their own lips, that their providers re-positioned the babies (which unnecessarily endangers the mother & is thus a federal crime) in order to get the parts they wanted? Or when they confessed with their own lips, on video, that their providers would engage in dishonest accounting to make illegal profit off the sales of body parts?
    Were they lying when a former PP employee confessed, on camera, with her own lips, that another PP employee was making an aborted baby’s heart beat by stimulating it–and making it’s arms and legs move by doing so– then was shown how to remove the brain by cutting through the face?

    Those are all videotaped testimony. Straight from the mouths of Planned Parenthood current and former employees.

    You are the only liar here.

  • bcliff

    Do those celebrating complete victory have any idea how narrow the indictments are compared to the overall issues?

  • bcliff

    Does this mean that reporters who send bomb like devices through the TSA to check their competence will be indicted for being terrorists?

  • bcliff

    Duh, indictments have NOTHING to do with abortion!

  • Steven Barrett

    I just wonder if the people who carried out this scam (and it smelled like one from the get-go when you realize where some of them got their start and who their fellow accomplices are) gave any thought, even the slightest sliver of a glancing thought to what amount of damage they could do to the cause of saving more kids from abortion. Hope they get lots of time facing bare walls to contemplate another truism they never gave any prior thought to: the ends don’t justify the means.

  • newsel

    You only have to look at what this administration has done to the author of the “Benghazi Video”, to Dinesh D’souza, to General David Petraeus, to those that have a religious belief in not supporting abortions etc. to understand why this GJ is working the way it is. Plus there is the conflict of interest issue that has to be addressed. Swaying the jury? Never!

    “The fact that an employee of the District Attorney is on the board of Planned Parenthood confirms an incestuous relationship between corrupt officials in the Harris County DA’s office and the nation’s largest abortion provider, whose livelihood is on the line should they be criminally charged with selling the body parts of aborted babies,” Hawkins added. “I’m proud to stand with David, the Center for Medical Progress, and journalists everywhere on this one.”

    H/T The Blaze…