Accuracy in Media

How did a piece at the Washington Post, meant to pay homage to the victims of the Pulse nightclub shooting/terrorist attack in Orlando, Florida, omit the most important detail?

The piece did not mention Islamic State, a radical Islamist terrorist group in the Middle East, and how the perpetrator of the terrorist attack at the nightclub, Omar Mateen, attacked the nightclub goers in the name of Islam.

Talk about a huge omission of facts.

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  • Akbar Hassan

    Evil can not be done in the name Islam nor any other religion . people do evil in their own name and then lie or be lied about .

  • jerry.rebar

    I suspect that the Washington Post is about to make the intimate acquaintence of large quantities of high explosives.

  • Chi Sam

    Given that “acquaintence” is not a word…I suspect you are a somewhat incompetent man.

  • jerry.rebar

    You must suspect, certainly knowledge and yourself have a “strangers in the night” relationship