Accuracy in Media

At the Newseum’s recent event on President Trump’s relationship with the press and First Amendment, former Clinton campaign communications director Jennifer Palmieri blasted the press’s handling of Clinton’s e-mail scandal.

Per a reporter who went to the event, Palmieri said the following:

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  • Rosemary Osnato

    Oh how they wish they did it differently. Trump is a horror

  • hap46

    And, why does Hillary think she had the right to use a private server in her home basement? If it was OK to do so, why didn’t she have the private server set up her email provider in her Washington, DC office while serving as Secretary of State instead of “hiding” this server in a basement? Jennifer Palmieri is one dumb women.

  • votedemout

    And we hope he continues to be a horror, to people like you.

    On the other side, people like me want to know what the Hildabeast tried to destroy with her deletion of 30K+ emails. Hard to believe you don’t want to know.