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Although her doctor has cleared her for the presidential campaign, Hillary’s age (she’s almost 70 years old!) is a legitimate concern. Coughing fits like the one this past weekend in Iowa does not allay concerns.

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  • Steven Barrett

    Hey righties, don’t get your hopes up. A little winter pneunmonia will never defray that woman’s quest to force the rest of us to listen to her loud laugh from her old haunts in the East Wing to … Hell, I don’t want to even think about it, much less mention it.

  • asclepiuskay

    She is losing to Bernie Sanders and she is going to be going to prison for [you pick one, there are too many charges at this point].

  • biilyjoe

    Steven Barrett • a day ago

    Hey . A little winter pneunmonia

    Learn to spell, you ghetto goon barrett—it’s pneumonia. Did u go to Sharptongue’s School for Ghetto Goons, or Obongo’s Temple School of Islam #13 ??

  • biilyjoe

    Hope you’re right and I hope they shove Sharptongue, obongo, blm leaders and muslim Brotherhood terrorists in with her.

  • Steven Barrett

    So I botched a word. Where’d you go to school, Klan Academy?

  • biilyjoe

    I heard yo mamma went to Black Panther Piss Academy and met ur sperm donor there– ya know — the one that all ur little trayvon friends burnt down in balt-mo.

  • Steven Barrett

    I’d never count that woman out; PERIOD. Clintons have more lives than a forest full of feral cats. I’m all for Bernie, but I’m not forgetting the real full power of the nation’s real elite … the quiet kind, and of course, all the super delegates she’s been lining up since ’08. Bernie’s relative late start worked against him from the get go in this all important part of campaigning today; notwithstanding the superior moral ground he’s standing on and his ability to stay in the game by raising more funds from ordinary Americans than any other candidate in history. Indictments during an election year? Don’t count on it. Too much iodine being poured over open wounds. Guaranteed to elicit more empathy for her. And her old boss still has those pardon powers to use … just like Hill’s husband did when he and his power-couple wife were heading out the door in 2001.

  • jug

    To bad she didnt expell her left lung!

  • Steven Barrett

    Odd you should say that since she’s been practicing through her surrogates some good old fashioned red-baiting about the “socialist” Vermont Senator’s socialist views. For crying out loud. Since when does standing up for social security, medicare, and other popular mainstays of the social safety net a “socialist” and standing up for huge outrageous tax breaks for the Walton family doesn’t elicit any wisecracks about socializing Alice Walton’s horse farm or art collection. Tax breaks for that family that eventually have to be made up by Ma n’ Pa Kettle and their kiddos when they reach taxpaying status, and nobody calls this out as a reverse socialism, or at least perverse Robin Hood subsidization of the wealthy by the rest of us who don’t belong to the one tenth of the top percentile in income.
    At least Sanders has been honest about higher taxes, but only taxes that’d have to be raised on the very wealthy and these too would be so gradually imposed to the point they wouldn’t notice them. Too bad some of our loudest whiners are those with the fattest bank accounts. Worse yet, FDR made the same observation 80 plus years ago and the same whiners are at it … and even worse yet, some of them are members of his party; only they’ve sold themselves out to Clintonism; Moderate Republicanism in Democratic drag. Oh hell, they’re DINOs. And the fact it’s taking a (pssst, “so-cialist”) to shame them, well that’s pretty damn shameful: Period!