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Not a joke, t-shirts are going to cost you $45 because Anna Wintour (a fashion designer) is promoting it for Hillary Clinton.

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  • Steven Barrett

    Look for WHICH union label, when you’re looking at Clinton shirts.
    How is it that tee-shirts made for Bernie Sanders’ campaign by union workers only cost supporters $25 whereas “Chillary” is charging an additional $20 for her tees and the campaign in its promo blurb on Google says they’re union made?
    BTY and beaucoup LOL’s: “Chillary” is not my invention. The Clinton campaign site is selling a pair of “Chillary” foam hand chillers for ten bucks. I guess that’s their idea of giving a break for the proles. No such break coming forth from the crony capitalist linkage between “Chillary” and Anna Winotour, Vogue’s top boss who’s said to be the inspiration for “Devil Wears Prada.”
    Was Madeleine Albright wearing one of these tees when she preemptively flamed any American female not interested in supporting one of her less stellar successors in Foggy Bottom?
    Now which union’s engaged in crony capitalist-solidarity with Chillary’s campaign?