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It took Hillary Clinton five days to issue a statement after allegations emerged that a longtime donor to her campaign, Hollywood movie mogul Harvey Weinstein, sexually assaulted multiple women. The media criticized her throughout the five-day delay as other celebrities condemned Weinstein’s alleged actions against women.

After issuing her statement Tuesday, Clinton turned to CNN to do an exclusive on-camera interview Wednesday to explain what she will do with Weinstein’s donations to her campaign.

She told CNN that she will donate the same amount of funds, as it would be difficult to donate the check she received from Weinstein some time ago to charity.

Clinton praised the women who accused Weinstein, calling them courageous. Clinton said that she never heard of the rumors surrounding Weinstein until the story broke last week.

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  • samo war
  • IHC

    Great post!
    Hillary did not wanted to say a word because well she is married to a sexual predator and rapist just like their buddy Weinstein. This is the last thing on her mind to pen back up because well she needs to continue her tour -de-revenge why she lost the election.
    I wonder if she gives back the quarter million dollar donation last year to her family foundation? Knowing her greed that was money well spent because she gave 10% out of that donation to the charity named after her! 🙂

  • Ima Barber

    let me guess what charity she’s donating it to….ummmmm… The Clinton Foundation!

  • So Weinstein’s accusers are “courageous” but Bill’s accusers were trailer trash and bimbos?

  • Light_V_Dark

    All the stuff that happened, starting in the winter of 2015, with the DNC’$ blocking Bernie from the DONATORS’$ DATABASE, has been paved over! Nobody ELSE, COULD HAVE POSSIBLY WON! On YouTube, please LOOK up BERNIE VIOLENCE!