Accuracy in Media

She’s jumped onto the #BlackLivesMatter bandwagon and seems to not support law enforcement.

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  • mtlhd1955

    So we should get rid of the Government too, because they are terrorizing the citizens. In your own worlds Hilliar. In your own words.

  • KWB

    I think that every law enforcement officer, and every law enforcement family in this nation “NEEDS” to start actively campaigning against this lying, murderous, cheating, ungrateful witch “TODAY”, NONSTOP ………she has obviously taken her sides and declared her true feelings toward our nation’s law enforcement officers!!!! We NEED to return the favor and the feelings; we already have a hateful, non-caring president in the White House toward law enforcement – let’s make sure he’s not replaced with another one. ………”I think when you have Police violence that terrorizes communities, that doesn’t show the respect you’re supposed to have from protecting people in your authority, that can be also terrorizing”. Okay witch, jump in bed with the black lies matters terrorist for your votes; but let’s see how many law enforcement votes that is going to cost you; and I believe there are many, many more reliable voters in the law enforcement, fire fighter and public safety circle than you are going to get in your black lies matters terrorist groups.

  • donna kenny

    not as bad as her legs are terrorizing them.