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CNN ran with the headline, “Clinton on Russian election meddling: ‘More effective theft even than Watergate,'” and nowhere in the article did it actually list the evidence that the Russian government ‘hacked’ or ‘stole’ or ‘meddled’ directly in the 2016 election.

It appears that Hillary Clinton regrets losing to underdog Donald Trump with these remarks, in addition to other verbal pokes at Trump’s attempt to dismantle Obamacare and his press secretary Sean Spicer.

What we do know is that they had some influence on the internet, something call information warfare. But an actual hack in election voting? It has not been substantiated or found.

It is safe to say that we can file this headline and liberal media narrative under the category of ‘liberal media myth.’

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  • Abe Wellington

    The only person to blame for Hilary’s loss,… is Hilary

    Hilary and the left wing Media had all the dirt on Trump before the first debate. If they had put out that information as soon as they had it, Trump would have been laughed off the stage in the first round. But they thought he was unelectable, and because he was politically attacking all the other republicans so aggressively, they decided to sit back, make popcorn and watch the show. Trump continued to inflict heavy damage on all the other candidates with the exception of Ben Carson who simply did not put any effort into his campaign thusly sinking his own boat.

    Trump won the nomination and the democrats still held back for a brief moment.
    They were secure in the knowledge that in order to lose to an @$$hat like Trump; one would have to suck on a magnitude never before encountered on this plane of existence.
    That amount of negative energy could pull a supermassive black hole through a coffee stirrer! No way!

    But Hilary had been building up that massive potential since the end of the Nixon presidency when she got kicked off the prosecution team. Then came the scandal after scandal cycles of the Clinton years.

    Secretary of State?
    For most people being Secretary of State is a big plus. Not Hilary, in lockstep with Obama the two threw gasoline on the fires that raged in the Middle East. Then came Benghazi and the subsequent cover-up.

    There is nothing Russia provided that we didn’t already know or suspect. And to top it off they got the info because of a system, the security of which Obama and Hilary were ultimately responsible for. –another fail.

    The Democrats let the Trump Circus go on too long and get out of control. The establishment Republicans were weak and in the end tucked their tails and scattered.
    Hilary cheated Bernie out of the Nomination. He had no Skeletons in his closet and would have handily defeated Trump.

    Then The Democrats pulled out the dirt on Trump.
    Far too late. Hilary’s failure in Benghazi was a microcosm of the level of failure she could be capable of as President.
    Looking back
    1. Obama and Hilary bombed Kaddafi’s forces allowing local militias to take over the country. ISIS was infiltrating local forces and were in the process of taking over.
    2. There never should have been an Ambassador in Libya. He was there as a front to funnel guns to Syria ISIS didn’t like the deal, that’s why they attacked.
    3. If you have your ambassador stationed in a country that you just gave to ISIS, you get him the hell out or you send troops in to protect him.
    4. There were F-16 Jets 15- 30 minutes away. Obama and Hilary spent 13 hours watching on a drone camera as the jihadists attacked the compound and flambéed the ambassador before doing anything.
    Four heroes who were told to stay out of the fight disobeyed orders and saved 36 people from certain death.
    5. Then they tried to cover it up blaming some obscure video on you tube. Their inaction and the cover up were to try and keep their political hands free from blood. They failed.

    This was the final nail in Hilary’s political coffin.
    All the Russians did is piss on her grave.

  • Wenceslao McGomery

    “It was sexism!” “It was Russia!” “It was racism!” “It was the alt-right!” “It was the deplorables!” Ms. Clinton, we know you were both part of a promoter of a generation of blamers, victims for whom nothing is ever their fault and everyone who participates should get a trophy. Perhaps, though, you might consider, even briefly, another possibility: It was the candidate.

  • Mike S.

    I’ve seen corpses with more color than she has.

    Orwell (Eric Blair’s pen name) once wrote how those who control the present control the past and therefore the future. Democrats do this consistently and though, for example, they attempted to steal Florida for Al Gore and the presidency subsequently, they used it to bash SCOTUS ever since and the electoral process and the history books even reflect some of this. Today, there are at it again. Such statements as hers are not harmless, but can have a serious effect on the perception of the young, especially when they don’t understand Watergate as another Democrat/Communist ploy. Then Democrats make sure frauds such as Obama’s many missteps just fade away.

  • Danny is STL

    This is a strongly right wing source that often resorts to conspiracy and bigotry. They also promote pseudoscience such as intelligent design and anti-science positions on climate change.

  • Manny Jenkins

    You have at this point thousands of reports of people testifying in Congress..and this company says don’t believe your government back reports. I am flagging this as a fake news site.