Accuracy in Media

The uncertainty about Hillary Clinton is really telling:

The Teamsters are the latest union to delay endorsing embattled Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton.

The union’s 22-member executive board ruled that it would hold off on announcing its official support in the 2016 presidential race. Labor leaders said they would make a decision only after meeting with candidates face-to-face.


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  • Steven Barrett

    She’s also losing labor support among firefighters. While the teachers union numbers appear daunting, way up there in the millions, they represent a huge coalition of college professors, local school teachers, librarians and even univiersity parking lot officials. It’s also rather telling that while the official teachers union’s bigwigs are all doing the same old dance of rallying ’round the old chief, the rank and file are packing the halls for Bernie Sanders because they’re seeing their neighbors getting screwed day in and day out no thanks to the banksters who received the blessings of Alan Greenspan who helped engineer the conditions that led to the big crash of ’08. And they’re not in the least bit shy of reminding voters about the link ( )between the Clintonistas and Greenspan. I wonder how many Teamsters and Firefighters lost their shirts in stocks that their pension planners believed to be good safe investments. College professors and public school employees aren’t the only ones with a stake in this election.

  • That’s not news. They are just holding off until they get to meet all the candidates. At that meeting they will seek to extract concessions, promises, kickbacks, contracts, and further sweetheart arrangements from the govt. Don’t worry, trade-union labor is in the bag for the Labour Party of the US.

    Just as Joe Biden plagiarized Neil Kinnock, Bernie Sanders is plagiarizing Arthur Scargill.