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  • LRRP

    Of course she can’t be bought…

    She’s already bought and paid for!

  • Steven Barrett

    You’ll never hear Lloyd Blankfein ‘fess up to this much. Has anybody asked the shareholders what they’re thinking about these extravagant speaking fees paid to civil servants who are cashing in on their once-higher calling to their nation? Is everything up for commodification? LOL, one can just imagine the board meeting when Blankfein e/a decided to pay Clinton this scandalous amount for three speeches, all to be given in the most secretive fashion, and there’s not the slightest concern for the stockholders of Goldman Sachs. Hell’s bells … why should they when they own most of the voting stock. To whom has the most votes gets the most spoils and rights to set the most outrageous policies and examples . . . especially in this era of Citizens United when and where any concept of one-man-one-vote is nothing but a quaint memory, suitable for teaching in civics classes. Remember those infamous words of Mitt Romney, “Corporations are people, too.”
    So are, it seems, former high level public servants who are supposed to be setting higher examples, not inventing ways to get around them and dragging both politics and the concept of nobly serving the public for higher purposes. They’ve been trashed by a woman who, like Tammany Hall’s Geo. Washington Plunkitt saw her opportunities “and took ’em,” thining GS’ boodles were “honest graft.” That was bad enough; she further disgraced herself, her country, former esteemed privileged position, even her former boss and the nation that put her in office when she flagrantly lied about being unsure if she was going to run again for the WH at the time she accepted the money. This woman has been eye-balling the Oval Office for decades without a let up. Even her career-side-step as Secretary of State was just a resume building period.
    We’re not that stupid Hillary, nor are we lightly amused by such a flippant attitude and answer that matches only her forever infamous “Who cares” blurt about Benghazi. She may or not be legally liable for what happened the night Ambassador Stevens and his staff were overrun and killed. But she sure as hell has lost every shred of credibility when it comes to being straight up with the people whose trust and votes she’s seeking for the most important and powerful [secular] elected office in the world.