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The former GOP presidential candidate, Herman Cain, didn’t mince words about Black Lives Matter:

Herman Cain spoke out against the Black Lives Matter movement Thursday, saying it has no purpose.

“It is a nonmovement that has two objectives: destruction and distraction,” the 2012 Republican presidential candidate said on Fox Business Network’s “Mornings with Maria.” “They don’t really have a mission. [It is] because all lives matter.”

Photo by Michael Vadon

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  • Rufus Cornpone

    Can’t argue with common sense…Thumbs up Herman!

  • Steven Barrett

    C’mon Herman, don’t you know by now that sour grapes and mayo or mustard don’t mix well? Pulling up short on the votes you needned, white, black or whatever the color on those ballots were, if you don’t get enough, your candidacy doesn’t matter. In order to be a winning candidate, Herm, you just gotta have more X’s in your column no matter what! Take a course in poli-sci Herm, it’ll explain basis math. But you’re a big name bidnez man, a Republican biz-man, no less.