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  • 2hoursfromsaratoga

    I’ve listened to Beck say some very intelligent stuff but since he decided to get into a urinating match w/Donald, over an insult, but I’ve lost respect for him because he engages in a childish endless rant on Trump. He has way more interesting subjects to fill airtime.

  • jsa

    obviously not. trump i believe will be a great improvement over what we have, or will have. cruz needs to get his own back yard cleaned up.

  • Steven Barrett

    People like the professionally paranoid Beck are best patronized and pitied for what they are, modern-day Rigolettos. They bring on the tragedies they fear worst. But in Beck’s case, at least Rigoletto had legit fears of what a local Duke was doing with his daughter. Beck’s forever clueless as to what his own party really thinks about him, much less would love to do in order to put him thrashing out in the dark searching for another audience to both amuse and scare the hell out of for theatrical purposes alone