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The ‘Dyke March,’ held in Chicago, booted Jewish activists from their gay pride march this past weekend. Why? They had flags with a star of David on them, which apparently offended attendees and event organizers.

So much for being inclusive?

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  • Jimmy Leggs

    Democrats are evil death-mongers. In Chicago, they have the idiot Rahm Emanuel installed as an illegitimate mayor of the city and black-on-black violence is out of control but he doesn’t care. I can’t get too upset about this queers v. Jews incident, though, only because so many of the people creating nationwide chaos, discord and hate are of Jewish heritage, such as Emanuel (Obama’s first term chief of staff), Soros and Emanuel’s brother, Ari, a Hollywood agent and former Trump business manager. And, unfortunately so, most the Fascist Fifty companies are rife with Jewish executives, too. Many of these aforementioned I should add are lapsed or non-practicing Jews (as was Karl Marx) and most support Marxist ideology.

  • arthur M. alex

    “Mr. Leggs”.
    As a spiritual Jew, opposing all that is part of the Violent Liberal Left, your assertion that large numbers of what I call so-called persons with Jewish surnames, are at the forefront of the movement to overthrow the government of the USA by force is beyond reproach.
    That these commie conspirators have infested the halls of our government, formed radical organizations bent on destroying our republic will in my opinion, result in a force of arms against these vermin in our society with catastrophic consequences, and outcomes against these sociopathic perpetrators, and their adherents now while we still out-gun them!