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The University of California-Berkeley made it difficult for the college’s College Republican chapter to keep their speaking engagement with David Horowitz. First, the administration allegedly restricted their hotel room rental accommodations, in addition to imposing a higher security fee and forcing the speech time to 1 PM, instead of after-class hours.

The speech by Horowitz comes after left-wing and anarchist ‘black bloc’ protesters caused significant damage on-campus after a planned speech by Milo Yiannopoulos.

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  • Richard Hellstrom

    George Soros owes the IRS some where around 6.7 million dollars and seems to be the main financial investor backing this weekends protest against Trump – See article — Anti-Trump Tax March protests being funded by George Soros April 15, 2017 By Makada Duncanson and George Soros May Face a Monster Tax Bill Deferring income helped the billionaire hedge fund manager build his fortune by Miles Weiss ?April? ?30?, ?2015? ?5?:?00? ?AM? ?EDT and George Soros reportedly could face up to $7B tax bill, after delaying payment for years Published May 01, 2015 AS OF TODAY’S DATE THESE TAXES OWED BY GEORGE SOROS REMAIN UNPAID –

  • coldything

    Poor Berkeley students might be exposed to some actually intelligent rhetoric !! Many of them are not exactly critical thinkers, and different thoughts coud cause brain hemorrhage !!

  • look_later223

    Someday these liberal professors will come to realize, THEY ARE LOSING THE ARGUMENT!!!!!

  • Kathy Miller

    Well I hope the new administration goes after Soros- ASAP! It’s time his funding of the tyrannical protests and anti trump rallies going on in this country STOP !! It’s time for this devil to pay his dues! And no more favors extended to this monster –
    by the former ultra- left Obama administration!!!

  • Richard Hellstrom

    Your Right ! It’s time for Move On to Move On ! lol !
    This article was posted on April 15th –
    Anti-Trump Tax March protests being funded by George Soros
    April 15, 2017
    By Makada Duncanson

  • John Yallah

    Loosers are against trump and the looser lgbtq what ever that stupid gay pride crap is all forms of satan himself