Accuracy in Media

FiveThirtyEight’s Harry Enten issued words of caution to the media and general public over the special election run-off between Democrat Jon Ossoff and Republican Karen Handel. He pointed out that the polling was solid, for once, and that both the early voting and potential impact on 2018 midterms were not very clear (contrary to current liberal media narratives and the Democratic Party talking points).

In short, two special elections in 2017 are not good predictors of 2018 midterm elections, which Enten said that the House of Representatives could become majority Democrat IF current conditions held constant for the next year. Enten said that this would be a big ‘IF.’

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  • mioahu

    It’s ok, let them predict AGAIN that the leftist will win… and there comes TRUMP ! I have no words to describe the joy on election day when i saw the smirks erased from all their smug faces melting down live . The best was Rachel Maddau, i still watch that video once in while if i want a good laugh. He represents everything they hate the most (fabricated of course) and yet HE STILL WON ! and republicans kept the house and senate ! That’s what you get when you have stupid leftists moving more and more left dictate your agenda, you alienate normal people ! Liberals are closer to conservatives now than they are to their leftist party. I know scores of liberals who voted liberal their whole life and now voted for Trump…i asked them why , and they said ” the f***g leftists have taken over my party”