Accuracy in Media

FiveThirtyEight, a website run by Nate Silver, published gun violence statistics that debunked many of the Left’s anti-gun, pro-gun control narratives.

In their data, FiveThirtyEight pointed out that mass shootings are rare, perpetrators of mass shootings are different from one another, the majority of gun crimes are not mass shootings, and other factors contribute to gun crimes in America, such as domestic violence.

They also point out that two-thirds of gun violence deaths are suicides, mostly older, white and male, in addition to other facts that most gun crime victims are black (66 percent) and most gun violence victims are between the age of 15 and 34 years.

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  • Mark Midas

    At the core of the party, hate is an inextricable part of the Democrats’
    political genome. And they are now waging another civil war against the
    Republicans. Hate pulls the trigger, and even now Democrats continue to fan the flames of hate.

    Imagine if shooters starting to mow down trail lawyers or feminists at conventions or African Americans at rap concerts? That’s never been done, unless you count Democrats shooting blacks and promoting racial purification last century, promoting Margaret Sanger and the Klan or letting rampant black-on-black violence escalate in cities Democrats control.

  • Perry Z.

    I am against gun control in any way, shape, and form, but isn’t there a contradiction in the above essay in first stating that “…two-thirds of gun violence deaths are suicides, mostly older, white, and male…”, and then writing that “…most gun violence victims are between the ages of 15 and 34 years”?

  • samo war
  • Leon Wilkeson

    The distinction is between self-inflicted vs. a violent criminal act committed by a person that victimizes another person.

  • Al Sheeber

    I don t hear them ask to ban alcohol which contributes to more death than all guns, violence from drunkards is a bigger deal than guns, so do car accidents…