Accuracy in Media

In an op-ed at CNN, a writer lamented about the fictitious and oft-debunked ‘gender pay gap’ myth in Hollywood (Hollywood, of all places, where stars make millions of dollars far above what the average American would ever make) and how the movie ‘Wonder Woman’ falls short of highlighting the wonders of (radical) feminism.

Blame men, said the writer:

It took 75 years to make the first movie about the world’s most famous female superhero (meanwhile we have had nine live-action feature films for Batman, and no less than seven Superman movies) and when the movie finally did get made, studio executives had to be sure she was feminine enough to be a sex object, but not so feminine that audiences feel like they’re watching a “girl power” film. If even Wonder Woman isn’t allowed to display actual human flaws and emotions, how could we expect characters like CJ Cregg or Claire Underwood to ever stand a chance?

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  • mioahu

    Well guess what, Superman and Batman were a bit more popular :-)… And guess what, the original Wonder Woman was pretty sexy if you ask me… wouldn’t wanna watch Lena Dunham or Rosie play Wonder Woman, movie would be a huge flop.. these radical feminists are such idiots, they are actually detrimental to the original feminist movement. Like liberalism, Feminism has radicalized and moved to the left, which will only destroy them (in America…) Awesome. No go grow some armpit hair, whoever you are 🙂

  • Mesa Mike

    In 75 years, tens of millions of men have died in the workplace (including military). Maybe we need government quotas to put many more feminists in harm’s way working in dangerous professions so we can even out these terribly lopsided historical statistics. We need true equality.

  • Ron

    CJ and Claire who???