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CNN’s Van Jones, an avowed leftist, recently wrote an opinion piece for CNN and said that President Trump’s fulfillment of a campaign promise to roll back climate change regulations from Obama could be a “death warrant” for planet Earth. How did he come to this conclusion?

Jones said the following to back up his reasoning:

Curbing carbon pollution — and defending America’s land, water and people from other potentially lethal threats — is neither a liberal value nor a conservative value. Protecting Americans from climate chaos is in everyone’s interest.
If we follow the Trump trajectory, we’re going to be bringing smog back to American cities, accelerating asthma rates in children, putting more poison in the groundwater and costing a lot of Americans their lives.

Sounds a bit dramatic and too similar to typical left-wing talking points?


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  • David in Michigan

    What the heck is “carbon pollution”? The spreading around of carbon, like graphite, soot, charcoal, diamonds, nanotubes, or Buckminsterfullerene? Oh, he probably means carbon dioxide, that well-known plant fertilizer. Perhaps we should try to reduce the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere to zero – typical approach of the EPA to actual pollutants, regardless of the cost – and see what happens. If we go far enough in removing all CO2 from the atmosphere for long enough, Earth will be restored to its pre-life state.

  • disqus_0MR38PDl1u

    Clean coal is beter than nuclear plants any day, it’s just that the government pigs can’t put as many regulations on the energy produced by CLEAN Coal. It’s all about the money. I say Shut the Fuck Up and go to Hell to all the Stupid ASS Licking pigs trying to say coal is bad for the planet. Nuclear poisons the water we get our food from, the plants that produce the food we eat the air we breathe and the intire eco system we depend on for life itself. Coal can’t be Regulated by the money grubbing pigs of the nuclear administration regulations board of puss head fat cats lining the pockets of politicians behind closed doors…….. plus coal takes thousands of people to work hand in hand to produce electricity, keeping families productive with good paying jobs. Once a nuclear power plant is built just a few people are needed to run the plant,. A complete security detail of the highest possible positions surround the plant from terrorist attacks . Hemmmm let me see hear, if a coal power plant goes boom ya clean up the mess and start over. If a nuclear power plant goes boom, ya kiss your ass goodbye and never in our lifetime go near the plant for the next 150 years. The fallout will kill thousands or millions of Americans with radiation poisoning for the next 100 years. And the winner is, COAL !

  • EricPrairieState

    I remember when America was great. I miss the ’50s & ’60s. When we visited my grandparents in PA, the black soot covered everything. We had to clean the porch chairs daily before we could sit down. Anything you touched would leave black soot on your hands. The positive to all this, people had good jobs. Today the soot & jobs are gone. To be honest, the jobs are gone because those industries are obsolete.

  • EricPrairieState

    The coal itself is one dirtiest fuels available. Clean Coal Technology is what people are talking about when they say ‘clean coal’. Processes and environmental controls are necessary to yield clean emissions.

  • JohnB

    There could be an hour long weekly comedy show that only showed quotes from these dim bulb progressive liberal democrats. Which I don’t see anything that would remotely resemble progress. Unless progressing towards a socialistic totalitarian form of governing is what they mean.

  • Scott Todd

    But nothing to say about how many coal plants China is building? And they’re building them by the dozens every year and have NO pollution controls like US plants do.

  • Sherry

    CHINA doesn’t believe that this “industry” is obsolete; and there is far more of them than there is of us per square mile…………….