Accuracy in Media

Oh yeah, climate change causes terrorism, not radical Islam or anti-Americanism or anti-Semitism:

Court documents show federal prosecutors charged 23-year-old Samy Mohamed Hamzeh on Tuesday with unlawfully possessing a machine gun and unlawfully receiving and possessing firearms not registered to him. It wasn’t immediately clear whether he had an attorney.

According to an FBI affidavit, agents were tipped off in September that Hamzeh planned to travel to Israel in October to attack Israeli soldiers and citizens in the West Bank. He abandoned those plans due to “family, financial and logistic reasons,” the affidavit said, but refocused his efforts on a domestic attack.

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  • NoCoincidences

    Seems like Mr. hamzeh’s background check for his fully automatic machine gun must have passed with flying colors, just not red, white, and blue. “What, no background check? Hmmph, maybe, if 0samabama’s expanded background check program was in effect..” Yeah, right. Next.

    The fact Mr. hamzeh did not get a background check for his machine gun, is not because he did not want to get it, but he could not afford it. Just as his plans for globetrotting abroad to terrorize Israel with attacks, his family in tow, the reality of his financial and logistics forced them to have “refocused his efforts on a domestic attack,” and settle for a blast of a “Staycation”. Hamzeh and family: another family left behind by the 0-conomy of the past seven years…