Accuracy in Media

Is this another example of fake news?

The Wall Street Journal reported that the Trump White House would remain in the Paris climate change accords that predecessor Barack Obama had signed but did not send to Congress, leaving the decision up to the next president. Who was their source? International climate officials, who back climate change regulations.

However, the White House said that the news was incorrect.

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  • Sgt. Pepper

    Why punish anybody for something liberals cannot prove?

  • CaMaven

    The paris Accords are based upon a huge lie. The issue is not leaving if not on terms favorable to US, but leaving because it is pure BS.


    Anyone that has a real science degree and does not fudge the results to reflect their foregone conclusion can understand that the climate is cyclic over a period up to thousand years and we are currently on the downward side of the curve…..C’En Loi dumbarses!

  • Hopinow

    If President wants a “supporter left standing” he better get us out of the paris deal, the NAFTA deal, and the UN deal. Let us vote on blockchain, and we will quickly find out (without voter fraud in counties and all areas) what the tired, demeaned, whipped American is all about. We have had enough of these “free trade agreements” sold to us, which really turn out to be a “harmonizing” of political positions—-very bad for working Americans! Are there any left “working”? We don’t want a NAU (North Amer. Union) like the EU. And the EU was sold as a “free trade agreement.” Sure. I agree totally with CaMaven.

    Like healthcare. WHY can’t the government STAY OUT of healthcare and we buy our own ins. with competing ins. companies???? If Gov wants to make a small pool for AMERICANS with “pre conditions” go ahead. But leave the rest of us to OUR OWN RESOURCES!

  • The Texan

    I have a couple of questions. Did the Senate ever ratify the Paris Accords? Or did President Obama unilaterally sign the US on to them? If it was not ratified by the Senate it is not binding.